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Data Member's Registry Michigan


Executive Administrator/Owner
Post your name here if you live in Michigan. You could also post the Lakes, Rivers and Streams you Fish.


I'd like to see some activity in this thread, as I haven't seen much from Michigan anglers. I'm from Muskegon, and I usually fish Muskegon Lake, Wolf Lake, (Muskegon County), Fremont Lake, or White Lake. I haven't river fished in years, but that's due to age and my aversion to icy cold water.

rr mike

Bay City, Michigan here, I fish Saginaw Bay (of course) the Tittabawassee River, Saginaw river, Grand river on the west side Muskegon river, and Muskegon Lake and the Thornapple river sometimes the PM river and the Rouge River and the Flatt river.


Royal Oak, MI hey Michiganders, I kayak fish and try to hit as many lakes as I can in southeast mi. but I want to do a lot more up north and anywhere I can drop in at. Mostly go for largemouth and pike and would really like to go for some new fish. Try to go out at least two times a week. But it’s been hard with this heat wave we have been having. I’m with you there Bluegill. There isn’t much of any action here from Michigan. Hopefully there will be some interest in this.

Happy Fishing

mr bill

well i guess i best be saying something here

mr bill here....from hickory corners.....

fish most of the lakes around here and even the rivers.....i enjoy going up to tippy dam and fish the back waters fer smallies and pike


Lately, Muskegon Lake, and White Lake have been slow as molasses in January. Got skunked on Wolf Lake (Muskegon County last week end. The weather hasn't been too good for fishing with all the fronts coming thru.


New member
hey fellow michiganders been hitting the sag. bay hard gas prices hurting the ludington trips this year waiting for the walleye to come in closer caught three earlier out pass northeast of 1-2 slow fishing but will get better get out there


Raymond Troy Hopson
Troy is the name fishing Michigan is the game... Sorta... I fish everywhere from state land to Lake Huron and everything in between. Few of my best lakes are: Dickinson and Big Seven Lake (Bluegill, Largemouth Bass) CS Mott Lake (Channel Catfish, Smallmouth Bass, Pike), Holloway Res. (Channel Catfish, Walleye) Tipsico Lake ( Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill) Lake Fenton (BIG Largemouth Bass and HUGE Bluegill) and Lake St. Clair (Muskie, Walleye).
Would be great to hear from all you Michiganders.
Troyfish Holloway also has some very good crappie and bass fishing on it, mott is good for walleye, good to see someone close on here.


Raymond Troy Hopson
I have heard both about both lakes, but never really tried either one. What do you know about the crime rate on Mott Lake, my fiance won't go unless she "knows" about it, and you know how Flint has its reputation.
Troyfish, been fishing C S Mott lake for over 15 years and have never had or heard of a problem out there, my sons also fish out there mostly at night for catfish and have not a problem. They fish cats from shore. Get a topo map of the lake as to catch walleye you to stay in the old river channel and it moves all over the place. If you have any questions about any lakes in the area just ask I've fished most of them.


Bluegill, ever come across a guy named Dennis DeVowe from Muskegon? one of my buddies from NAFC and he moved to Milwaukee a few years ago when he got married. Also known as Papa D