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March 2019 Florida New Smyrna Daytona Beach Backcountry

Spring2019 has arrived to the waters of the Indian River and MosquitoLagoon here at New Smyrna Beach, water temperatures are up to the70’s F in the intracoastal waterway and the mid 60’s in the oceansurf line, bait fish are returning the lagoon coming up from thesouth as the temps rise, coastal migratory game fish also starting tobe caught, including Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Pompano, and Ladyfish,our local resident fish Seatrout, Redfish, Black Drum, MangroveSnapper are also returning to their normal locations after spendingthe winter hiding in the cold water spots. The spring shrimp run isstarting with lots of fish focusing on one of their favorite foodsthe local shrimp. Water is still clear here in the north Lagoon andbackcountry so artificial lures and flies are working with goodvisibility for the fish to see the “fake” baits. Kris from Mainewas out with the family recently with me in the backcountry catchingmany different species on shrimp, dad got to catch a nice Redfishwhich we released to grow up and become a larger spawning fish someday……………….

[/FONT]March2019 Kris Redfish.jpg

………….sonLiam got to catch and release a good Black Drum at another backwaters fishing hole…………….

[/FONT]March2019 Liam Drum.jpg

Kenfrom Chicago caught a bunch of fish on his trip with a couple goodRedfish including this cool 9 spot fish on an artificial soft plasticlure………...

[/FONT]March2019 Ken Redfish 9 spot.jpg

Repeatclient Mike from Mt. Dora Florida came out again with friend onanother trip into the backcountry, we got on a hole with a school ofBlack Drum and Mike landed 5 nice fun ones……………

[/FONT]March2019 Mike Drum.jpg

BlackDrum are one of our staple “good” fish but they are in decreasingnumbers as well as all our other quality fish so I encourage CatchPhoto Release on our bigger fish to protect the fishery for thefuture, Lisa from Ohio with another nice Black Drum……………

[/FONT]March2019 LisaDrum.jpg

Repeatclient fly fisherman Phil from Colorado caught several fish on fly onhis recent trip, including school size Spotted Seatrout, fly fishingwill continue to be good through the spring months with clear waterand even more schooling surface striking game fish arriving in waveson their northward path up the coast…………..

[/FONT]March2019 PhilTroutFly.jpg

Firsttime clients from Maine out on a fun back waters mixed bag triprecently just after another cold front which lowered water temps fora few days, pushing the pattern back to a winter one again for ashort time, Dr David caught a few fun size Seatrout……………...

[/FONT]March2019 DrDavidTrout.jpg

IndianRiver and MosquitoLagoon Backcountry and Flats Fishing[/FONT]
Near Daytona Beach, New Smyrna[/FONT]Beach, and Orlando, East Central Florida

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Capt.Michael Savedow
EdgewaterRiver Guide, Inc. Since 2003