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Video Lure Carving videos 1 thru 0


Bronze Member
I was sittin' around the house this past weekend and had decided to make another lure. Up till now I have always posted pics of my whittlin's but never got into much detail about the actual making of them. I decided what I wanted to do was to make a step by step video from start to finish of a lure.

I called up my son Tim to see if he wanted in on it and he seemed pretty excited about the project. Tim is a good artist and It seemed like a great project for both of us.

The video will be in a "series" due to the fact that I got pretty long winded with it. There may be parts where more advanced craftsmen may find it a little boring, so I hope my academy award winning documentary performance will offset that doh.
I made the video so that everyone could benefit from it but I targeted the beginner crowd and youngins. If it seems a lil' corny I apoligize.

We have the first few episodes done and hope to finish up tomorrow (Wed-Jan 11th). I will post the links to the videos every day or so. As of right now there are 5 episodes and will prob be about that many more.

I really hope everyone enjoys them and I hope they will help anyone who wishes to undertake a project like this. I put in a good plug for Outdoor-Fishing so the vids might steer some more members to us. Let us know what you think and again I hope everyone enjoys. Your Bro, in Christ. Dave

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVRqVjC8ln8&context=C3386930ADOEgsToPDskJhV19uGQvmDPEvrqHh7Zns"]Making A Wooden, Lipped Crankbait. PART ONE - YouTube[/ame]