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Report Lake Sidney Lanier September 20, 2014


Jerry A
Yesterday I participated in a Bass Club Tournament at beautiful Lake Sidney Lanier. We blasted off at 5:30am and weigh-in was at 3pm at Balus Creek Boat Ramp. Temperature was a low of 65 ?F and a high of 81 ?F. We had partly cloudy skies, 50% humidity and the wind was a steady 7 to 15mph (ENE) with Gusts to 23 mph. Water surface temperatures ranged from 79 ?F to 80 ?F.

For me the morning started off unremarkable. In typical change of season fashion I managed a total of ten good bites all day that ranged from 1 foot deep to over 30 feet deep. I lost my first fish right at the boat and managed to put five fish in the boat. Of these five three were short of the 14" minimum length. So at the weigh-in I presented two fish for 3.81 pounds total weight. This was middle of the pack as it took over 12 pounds (5 fish) to win. Big fish was 3.5 pounds and I believe every angler weighed in at least one fish. My boater had three fish for over 6 pounds total. One of his was a 3 pound Spotted Bass. I was fishing as a no-boater in this draw tourney.

The first fish that I lost was on a 1/2 ounce single Colorado Blade Spinnerbait that was Red and Black in color. This was before sunrise and I never got a good hook set into him. Later I caught five more fish on Texas Rigged Plastic Worms, a Shakey Head Jighead and a Refrigerator White medium sized crankbait (Bomber Model 7A?). The keepers came on the original sized Natural Blue Swamp Crawler and a Green Pumpkin Green Magnum Shakey Head Worm - both are Zoom products. You had to trust your area and work the worm very slowly (while fighting a 15 mph breeze) to gain the attention of these uninterested fish. Our best areas were main lake points, pockets and humps with some type of brush in or on them. The fish weren't located in the brush but were found roaming around it.
Tournaments this time of the year are rough due to temp. swings, sounds like you had a good day however. Middle of the pack finish is pretty good nice job.