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Report Lake Sidney Lanier October 8, 2014


Jerry A
Sorry - should say November 8th... I don't know what day it is :)

Finally have my head above water at work and can get this pseudo report posted. The lake is turning over. 1st clue was the little stinky bubbles at the mouth of Flat Creek. 2nd clue was that I caught fish in both a Norman DD-14 and a Bandit 100 Series flat bill crank.

We put in at Balus ramp and started on the channel side of the big island. There we caught one on a plastic worm, missed one on a plastic worm and had a nice bump on a spinnerbait. Next we made it up to the Little Hall/Duckett Mill area where the shad were everywhere – little bitty shad. There was a cold snap the night before and the water has been fluctuating (thank you Corp of Engineers!). In an attempt to drop to 1065 they had it down about 6 feet low and then it rained (Mother Nature laughing at an attempt to control things). Now it’s about 3 feet low which places lake level at around 1068 and a water surface temp of 62 degrees.

At Duckett we located one magic piece of structure. I lost one on the DD-14. Didn’t see it but Jeremy had the net out and did. He said I barely had it on the tail treble and that it was a nice fish. Two casts later on the same DD-14 I put one in the boat that was just barely a keeper (14”). Jeremy catches a short fish on a worm and we leave that for next Saturday – I have a tourney on Lanier Nov15th. An adjacent hump had big balls of shad over it but no fish. Another hump was rather large, had sparse pieces of brush and we got a couple of bites. Saw 10 deer make it across a saddle to the island there. Subdivision deer…

So we pushed on up the river and found it to be hit or miss – nothing you could put into a pattern. All of these were on a TX Rigged plastic worm with the exception of the midget Spot that flat out attacked my Bandit 100 Series flat bill crank. Good day. 8 in the boat; 2 keepers. There’s a couple of pics in my photo album if you're interested. I could not get them to drop in here.
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