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Report Lake Sidney Lanier, Nov 28th, 2014


Jerry A
We made our annual day after Thanksgiving fishing trip an abbreviated outing fishing Lanier from 11am to 3:30pm. This was just a play day so we were trying some new areas and checking old ones. The day started slow as he got hit on an odd dark green swimbait and I caught a small Spotted Bass on the new 3.5" Rally Shad, TxRigged, in the Crystal Shad color 30' deep in a winter time hole. I'd lost two baits previous to this trying to run it on a jig head and exposed hook. All that did was find the brush. The TxRig didn't impede the action of the Rally Shad in any way.

Later things heated up as we found them hitting crank baits. Jeremy was tearing me up on a #7 Jointed Shad Rap? in the silver shad color. Mine was the same Lavendar Shad Deep Little-N that I've been throwing for months. We needed the bait to dig 8 feet deep. The water surface temp was 52-54 degF and the air was 29-49 degF. As opposed to two weeks ago the same options are in play - but stick to the deeper drops, main lake points and chunk rock. We marked big pods of shad that were just suspended over the end of the point in 7-10 feet over 20+ foot of water. This seemed to be a key since we marked these pods over many different points. Protected coves had water that was 2 degrees warmer than main lake. All total we had 7 fish in the boat with 4 keepers (14" min). Three were Largemouth and the rest were Spots. Two of the 3 LMBass we caught were keepers.

https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/100272581021547605115/albums/6087854604161377313 I'll try this for pics. In this album the first was the big fish from Oct at Hartwell. The next two are from an earlier Lanier trip and the remaining were from this trip.