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Report Lake Sidney Lanier, Nov 15th, 2014


Jerry A
At our November bass club tourney at Lanier on Saturday we fished 6:30-3:30 out of Saudis Ramp. I was fortunate to finish 3rd out of 12 anglers weighing in 5 fish for 9.74 pounds. With early inclement weather in Georgia the water temp is 58 degF, which was down 5 degrees since last Saturday. Air temp was 28 degrees at blast off with the wind howling out of the east at 10-15 mph. The high that day was mid 40's. Around 10am the wind seemed to lay then swapped directions to come out of the SSE. Fishing actually picked up a bit after that. I missed a half dozen (short strikers on SpBait & CBait) had 4 hooked that got off before I got them to the boat on a crankbait, I broke off 2 on a plastic worm & 8lb test and had 3 short fish - below the 14" minimum - in the boat besides the 5 keepers that I weighed. Fighting ice-up on the rod eyes and line guides until about 9am I think it turned out to be a pretty good day.

My tools of the trade that day were a White BooYah Spinnerbait, a Norman Deep Little N Crankbait in Lavender Shad & Limeade colored Zoom finesse worm Texas Rigged. Four of my keepers including a Lipper were on the crankbait and one was on the worm. No fish, for me, was more than say 12-15 feet deep and the 2.5 pound Largemouth Bass I had seemed to come out of 6 inches of water. He was right on the bank. In my sack was also a 2.5 pound Spot and I had one just barely over the 14" mark. My other two were respectable Spots in the 1.5-2 pound range. My partner had 2 fish for 3.75 pounds. He was having a rough day Frown There was also a 10.43 pound sack (2nd place) and an 11.34 pound sack of fish (1st place) ahead of me - 5 fish limits. Another gentleman took big fish honors with a 4.5 pound Spotted Bass. That thing was a chunk. I'll see if I can get a picture of it to share.