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Report Lake Sidney Lanier ; Feb14th, 2015


Jerry A
It was simply a lovely day on the lake Saturday. I had a bass club tournament on Lanier. We fished 7:30 till 4. I think I took 2nd individually weighing in 3 Spots for 6.22 pounds. My big fish was 2.92 pounds. It may have been 3rd biggest fish. Seems it was was beat out by one a little over 3 pounds and the big fish was a 4.04 pound Spot another guy caught. He also won with 5 for 10.69 pounds. As I recall third place was 4 for 4.62 pounds. There was a lone Largemouth weighed in while all others were Spotted Bass.

Throughout the day the wind just continued to get stronger. At 7am it was 5 mph out of the WSW, 10am 10 mph out of the west, 2pm 15 mph out of the West. Main lake was white capping. About 2pm that I went swimming with the fishes. Purely unintentional I assure you. The boat I was fishing in swung around in the stiff breeze and was about to slam a pontoon boat. I had stuck my rod butt out to push off and my partner on the trolling motor hits it on high speed. I just fell out... I had on my life jacket ^! Everything I had on was wet and another cell phone drowned in the process. But I saved a nice Ranger Bass Boat from immediate danger. It was a bit chillin in the breeze for the remainder of the day as I drip dried.

My fish were caught on a Cinnamon Creepy Crawler and a Lime Aid worm - Texas rigged. In the stiff breeze these were just dragged really slow on the bottom. The bigger creepy crawler fish was 24 feet deep off of the side of a rocky point below Gainesviille Marina. The 2 worm fish were in a wind blown cove less than 10 feet deep on a bit of a flat. The water surface temp was 45-48 degrees. Brrrr. But it was sunny and the air temp got up to the mid 50's.

West Point is next on our agenda on March 14th.

bass or bass?

My last time out 3 1/2 weeks ago, we had a cold front blow through. There was a bass tournament at the lake (I wasn't in it) and I caught nothing but a small bluegill. I only talked to one tournament contestant that caught bass. Very slow and frustrating weekend. Still a beautiful weekend on the water however.