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Report Lake Hartwell on Columbus Day 2014


Jerry A
I thought I had posted this but must have been mistaken... My son & I got it up to Lake Hartwell on the GA/SC border last Monday. We fished from 9:30am-5pm and put several nice fish in the boat. Everything was shallow and seemed to be from he main lake point to half way into the coves. Big fish was an 18" Spotted Bass. I believe we had 8 keepers of 15 bass that came on a white spinnerbait, white buzzbait, Norman Deep Baby-n crankbait or a Texas Rigged plastic worm. The worm of choice was the standard Zoom Finesse Worm either Baby Bass or Green Pumpkin Orange worked close to rocks. By shallow I mean bank to ten feet deep. We tried deeper humps and falling off of the points but nothing we caught or got hit on was any deeper than 10 feet deep. There are some pics from the trip in my album - couldn't get them to attach into the thread.

BTW - I have a tourney up there on Saturday. Wish me luck!


Jerry A
Club Tournament on Hartwell 101814

I thought I'd just tag it on here since it is the same lake and part of the same sortie. Pardon the wind blown look. I was putting my fish back into the lake and thought - I want a pic of this guy. So fish selfie time... then back to the lake he went. ^!

Yes -big fish but by a very slim margin. It went 3.98 on a digital produce scale. Another fellow angler had one go 3.94 on that same scale. I'm calling them both 4 pounds and co-BF because they were nice Spotted Bass.

The club chose a ramp on the south end of the lake and in the wind we weren't going to make the 10 mile run up to where Jeremy & I pre-fished on Columbus Day. Luckily Jeremy & I pre-fished for a Fishers of Men Tournament March of 2013 at the lower end of the lake. Well we used the combination of the two efforts during our day Saturday. Blasted off at 6:30am and weigh-in was 3:30pm. Water surface temp was 70 degF. After piddling around the ramp for about an hour we took to main lake humps and points in front of the dam. The wind started at perhaps 5 mph out of the west and got stronger all day until it swapped back over to the ESE right before weigh-in. My bag of tricks relied on this one old Strike King Spinnerbait. Through the day I tried a half-dozen others but this was the only one they wanted. I even broke the tail end of the lead head where the skirt sits but kept fishing the same bait - skirt pulling down after 2 or 3 casts.

I caught 3 in front of the dam and my partner got his first. Then we thought to go the the east side - the side the wind had been blowing into for a week. There we found nothing. Wind got heavier and we decided to go up in creeks on the west side and try to get out of the wind a little. My partner catches 2 more and loses a 3 pounder. I add a keeper Largemouth to my bag on plastic worm and break another off. Then I catch an 18" Chain Pickeral. I lifted it up and into the boat as it sliced my 10 pound SensiThin line. My partner was rolling laughing in the back of the boat asking why I threw it into the boat. Well... it still had my Fire Tiger Bomber 5A down its throat and I wanted it back. Surgery removes said crankbait and the Pickerel is released unharmed but disgusted with the whole thing.

Our last gasp effort was to run around near the ramp we'd put in at. See my partner is also the weigh master so he has to get the scale set up, etc. as the others guys come in from the water. Sitting there the Spots blow up right in front of us (divine guidance!) and we doubled up. His was 2 pounds and mine was that 4 pounder. In 2 casts we had 6 pounds of bass - never surrender!

Because I was helping to get fish back in the water I never found out where I'd placed. I had 4 fish for 9.5 pounds. My partner had 4 for 5.5 pounds. Seemed most guys had 5 for 7.5 pounds but the other gent that had the 4 pound spot had a bag full so he probably won it. They handed me $50 and told me that I'd won BF by the slightest of margins. Good day!

BTW - the $50 goes directly to my Fish Finder Fund. The old Eagle Ultra II was just unreadable Saturday. It must be replaced. I'm thinking a Lowrance Elite-5 HDI fishfinder/chartplotter since the price has come down so lately. It'll be a quantum leap over the old Eagle I'm sure.


Jerry A
Received official results at the bass club meeting Monday night. I had 4 for 9.34 pounds which included the BF 4 pound Spot. My partner had 4 for 5.63 pounds. Yes, we both needed that fifth fish - had them on and lost them. Individually I came in 3rd behind limits of 12.27 & 10.24 and as a team our boat came in 3rd place behind 10 fish total weights of 22.51 & 15.80 we had 14.97 pounds (with 8 fish). That 5th fish for either one of us would have made a difference. Each day I try to remind myself to stay on top of my game, don't let your mind wander and most of all never surrender until weigh-in time!

A side note: I'm quite pleased as I've now fished four tourneys with this club and weighed in 14 fish for over 28 pounds. That's the elusive 2 pound average we all strive for in Bass fishing. Can I keep it going? Saturday it'll be a low of 29 degrees and we're fishing 6:30am to 3:30pm. The next few months will be interesting to see how things filter out for me during the winter months. Fun times indeed!