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News June 4th. NY trip


Executive Administrator/Owner
Couple V caught this weekend. Going to take a few days get all pics and vids posted. Stay TUNED !!



Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've been on. This past weekend was a great weekend. As you guys know, PaJNS and his wife came to NY. My family and I had a great time with them. The company was great, food and drink was endless and we had decent fishing. We were able to make one fishing trip the days they were here. We started our morning off a little hung over from the night before, trying to find and cast net bait. We managed a few dozen...at first locating them was a bit difficult, but we hit a nice size school, and with one cast had enough bait to fish for a week!. We live lined bunker for a while looking for striped bass, but the blue fish are still the dominate fish in the bay, chomping our baits in half, leaving us only the heads...lol. With that we switched to chunks, and caught a bunch of blue fish. We then switched gears to fluke fishing, were everyone caught fluke. The next day we spent a day in NYC. Went to lower Manhattan, Battery Park, nice view of NY harbor, Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island. Then we walked up to WTC1 and seen the foot prints of the Twin Towers. We then jumped on the subway uptown to Times Square. Strolled around there, got some grub and a dirty water dog. LOL. Then headed back to Queens for a night cap. All in all, it was a great weekend. If you guys ever get a chance to meet John (PaJNS) you won't be disappointed. He's a great guy, with a great wife and a BIG heart! Next year, the family and I are going to Pa...


Executive Administrator/Owner
Touring New York with Jaime and Vito and Daughter Skylar who went above and beyond the whole time we was there. Even when we found out the campground we was suppose to stay in was carry ALL your camping gear in..LOL Jaime and Vito opened the door to their home and we slept there for the night. Vito put us on bait and fish. He knew that Bay like the back of His hand and ALL caught Fish ! Couldn't ask for a better weekend and will never forget it. Still sorting Vids and Pics. HATS off from My Wife and I too Vito and Jaime...YOU GUYS made Our trip to New York special. Good Friends.....Good Food......Cold Pepsi...Cool Neighbors.....Good Fishing .....THANK YOU !! YUP..same song. Only one I could find that fit...sorry...LOL


bass or bass?

Sounds like everyone had a great experience. My wife Rita said that she would love to do a trip to NYC like that some day. Thanks for the report. ^!


Executive Administrator/Owner
This photo just surfaced from the recent trip to New York. This photo was taken at Club V. a invite only Club in Ozone Park NY. Adm. Vito B. is on the left an yours truly is on the right. GREAT Club with GOOD people. Meet many Good people at this Club. I can not put into words what the Hosts of Club V did for my Wife and I but they went above and beyond. Thank You Club V !!