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June 2019 Florida Daytona New Smyrna Beach Orlando

Watertemperature up to the 80’s F as summer is in full swing, scatteredfish is the warm water normal pattern with less schooling than incooler water, however some areas will have more fish than others inlocations and holes more favorable to the fish at any given momentwith presence of bait ( food ), tidal flows, water levels ortemperature. Open water fun inshore game fish like Jack Crevalle andLadyfish are usual summer rod benders, other fish are more structureoriented, in the back waters staying near drop offs, creek mouths,points, downed mangrove branches, oyster bars, and holes, likeSeatrout, Snook, Mangrove Snapper, Redfish, and Black Drum. Summervacation season has lots of charter trips with families and kids,which are always lots of fun, making memories for them to rememberfor years to come, catching fish, seeing our Bottlenose Dolphins andManatees up close and personal here in the Backcountry at New SmyrnaBeach and Mosquito Lagoon on the Indian River. Young Grant fromKentucky out on a trip with his dad and grandfather caught andreleased a fun Black Drum ……………..[/FONT]

June2019 GrantDrum.jpg

Snookare always a sought after backcountry fish in Florida, we are in thenorthern reaches of their range on the east coast and an occasionalwinter freeze can lessen the numbers of these sub tropical specieswhich don’t fare well in very cold water, Cory from Orlando caughta fun size one with me recently ……………..

[/FONT]June2019 CorySnook.jpg

Brettfrom Indianapolis with one of the nice Black Drum caught on a backwaters mixed bag variety fishing trip with lots of other types landedalso ……………………

[/FONT]June2019 Brett Drum.jpg

SpottedSeatrout are an every trip staple species along most of coastalFlorida saltwater, young Mauris caught a nice one along with moresmaller ones with me recently, larger Trout are important spawningfish so CPR, catch photo release especially on bigger Specks ………………

[/FONT]June2019 MaurisTrout.jpg

Ihave lots of good local clients from Central Florida and the Orlandoarea like Tyler with a fun sized Black Drum ………………

[/FONT]June2019 TylerDrum.jpg

Neverknow when a less common fish may come aboard, like this Cutlassfishaka Ribbonfish which struck an artificial lure along a deep drop offin the backcountry …………...

[/FONT]June2019 CaptMikeCutlassfish.jpg

IndianRiver and MosquitoLagoon Backcountry and Flats Fishing[/FONT]
Near Daytona Beach, New Smyrna[/FONT]Beach, and Orlando, East Central Florida

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Capt.Michael Savedow
EdgewaterRiver Guide, Inc. Since 2003