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Humor Jet Ski Fishing.


Executive Administrator/Owner
Since I never got a chance to Ice Fish this season in PA I booked a Ice Fishing Cruise.



BorB I tryed them jetskiers. they aint no good. your better off if you just
toss em on the bank.LOL
PaJNS you are much braver than me to book a cruise on that ship.
It looks like one of the deadlest catch ships when the ice hits them.
and then I dont see any of the crew enjoying themsels. All of them are working real hard to get rid of the ice.
Go figure, you couldnt get on the ice, and they cant get rid of it. LOL


Yea they are a prety nasty breed.
But just admagin the fight youll get on your fly rod. LOL


LOL but seriously there are a few guys here in Florida that have turned their Jet Skies into mean looking fishing machines.


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
There's some mean looking fishing machines..them jet skies...I would seriously consider getting one if I didn't have a boat...Some of them have a range of 90 miles..the possibilities are endless!
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well, there goes the old hit em with 2 oz weights. I like this method better.