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Jan 2019 Florida New Smyrna Daytona Beach Orlando Mosquito Lagoon

[FONT=Arial Narrow, sans-serif]Ithas been a “Florida winter” so far as of early 2019, plenty ofchilly nights in the 40’s with a few down to the upper 30’s,throw in several days from 75’ to 80’ and it’s a nice cool tomild winter pattern. Water temperatures have ranged from mid 50’safter the chilly spells and up to the mid 60’s after a few warmerdays. Clear water is the normal in winter, more clear when cold,cloudy up just a little with warmer temps, schooling fish is thewinter pattern, Seatrout schools are common along the drop offs andsloughs in the backcountry and lagoon, a paddle tail jig or liveshrimp are a sure thing hook up on the schooling trout. Find theright spot in winter and the fish are bunched up together, notunusual to catch Trout, Reds, and Snook in the same spot, Black Drumand Sheepshead can be there too. On a sunny day schooling Redfish goshallow for a little sun warmed water, slow and stealthy is the wayto get close enough for a cast to reach them with a live shrimp orsmall soft plastic lure, Seatrout can be right in there with the Redson a winter flat, here I am with a nice winter Seatrout off a 2 feetdeep flat with an artificial lure……………………


[FONT=Arial Narrow, sans-serif]YoungAdam from Ohio caught a few Black Drum on a mixed bag variety tripwith lots of other species caught also……………………


[FONT=Arial Narrow, sans-serif]Lotsof Pompano have been in the waters here in the intracoastal waterwayas well as their usual haunts of the ocean surf line, Matt from NorthCarolina with a nice one he caught out with me recently……………….


[FONT=Arial Narrow, sans-serif]BlackDrum are one of our main target fish in the backcountry and usuallycatch a few or more most trips among the variety of all the differentspecies we regularly catch, Dan from California with another averagesize Drum……………….


[FONT=Arial Narrow, sans-serif]OurSnook population has been coming back again after a winter freeze ayear ago which lowered the local numbers with some Snook not able tosurvive very cold water temps, we are regularly catching a few onmost trips into the backwaters, Bob from Orlando with a fun sizelinesider from a recent trip………………….


[FONT=Arial Narrow, sans-serif]Longtimeregular local client Patty with one of the Black Drum she landed outagain recently ………………..


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