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It's time


Cert. Panfish Enthusiast
The box came today. The 1st sign of fishing a new waterway for us. 1000 Soldier fly larvae (aka maggots or spikes), and 1000 Beemoth larvae (aka waxworms).

If all goes as planned, we will start picking apart Lake PSRB this weekend. The plan is to find healthy weedbeds and fish the edges with 1/100 to 1/64oz jigheads tipped with multiple maggots or a single waxworm. Slip floats and verticle jigging will be the starting techniques, after that the fish are going to have to tell us what they want............and we will be listening.

Size comparison of the two(2) search baits of choice:
bottom: maggot


Cert. Panfish Enthusiast

Just wanted to follow-up on this one.
We opted to fish a local warm-water discharge area on our local flow (main stretch Susquehanna River) rather then take the boat out on the lake.
This flow has worked well for us in the past for various panfish species and decent quality of fish. This trip wasn't such a trip.
Fishing plastics, hair jigs, and live bait in various eddies and holes did nothing for us. We presented baits under slip floats and free-lined baits covering the water both horizontally and vertically from 2ft below the surface to the bottom.
The presence of baitfish and the lack of vegetation led me to believe we were fishing for something that wasn't there.
I know this area doesn't hold fish year 'round, and past year's journal entries all showed the presence of healthy weeds when we caught fish. (stomach contents) It's my opinion that without weeds to keep a food chain contained, there's no reason for the fish to be there. Couple that with baitfish present and acting comfortable, I just don't believe the panfish were there.