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How To How to write a report.


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Hello anglers,

Writing a fishing report is not a skill that you acquire over the years. Anyone and everyone should be able to write a report. Some people like to write very detailed ones and others not so much. Its up to you to express yourself in any way you wish but please keep the information as accurate as possible. If you are still having trouble figuring out where to start or what to include, then here is a short list just for you.

-Where did you go?

-When did you go? At what time? Date?

-What did you catch? How many?

-How did you do it? What method? What bait?

Remember, accuracy is the key here. Have fun posting your fishing reports!

bass or bass?

I tend to write rather lengthy reports. I like to give as much detail of my trips as I can. Unfortunately I've only been able to go fishing once this year due to my own surgery and a couple of my mom's surgeries when she needs me to be with her to help. Then after having my business closed for a week or two it takes me a month to get caught back up again. She has another one coming up soon. I'm planning on a fishing trip in September. That could change quickly though. Got a new boat just sitting in my driveway waiting to get wet. AARRRGGGGHHHH!! My two cents
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