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Careful Hook cutters

bass or bass?

Ever get a hook sunk in yourself past the barb? doh Not a fun experience. -no- I've had it happen. Had to push the hook around and through so I could cut off the barb and back the hook out. :eek: I'll tell you, anything but a small hook is nearly impossible to cut with diagonal wire cutters with only one hand. :mad: What if the hook is in one of your hands and you're fishing alone and can't get two hands on the cutters? shrug Answer: compound cutters! They look like mini bolt cutters and apply a LOT more power to the cutting stroke. You can easily cut a 6/0 circle hook with one hand. ;) I bought my compound cutters at Lowe's for about $15 and keep them handy on board my boat. Pour on some hydrogen peroxide, a couple bandaids, and get back to fishing! :D


Bronze Member
Ow ow ow!! will be gettig a set for the boat ,my brother last summer got one and yes cut our trip short lucky there was a emergency clinic in the small comunity but with the right cutters maybe we could have got it done ourselves!


I have two Sargent pliers.
One I keep with me every time I'm fishing the other is with me tackle making gear.
They work great but I heard they are not being made any more, if you can find one at a garage sale or flee market buy it you won't be sorry.


Several years ago I had one sunk into the bone in my forefinger.
Trip to the Dr. and out paintent sugery to remove that hook.
I asked the Dr. about an old wifestale i had heard. For small wounds caused by fishing.
mainly getting stuck with a fish barb.
I was told if you rub a little of the slime from he fish on the wound, not only would it make it stop stinging
but the wound would heal quicker.
The Dr. just looked at me like I nuts.
I have to admit I have tryed it a time or two, and it did make the hurtting go away.
However it may not have been the best way to treat a wound.


Gold Member
Knock on wood but so far I haven't gotten one so deep I was not able to pull it back out . Probably whine for a week if I do . I do have a pair of those cutters anyway .


When I had it happen I grit my teeth and pushed, it hurt but not as bad as I thought it would,I knew it had to be done.


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer

bass or bass?

Thanks Vito. I learned that trick myself about a year ago. I works well if the hook has only gone straight in, but if it curves with the hook bend under the skin your best alternative is to continue pushing it through and cut off the barb, then back it out. My two cents


From experience I can tell you a leatherman or multi tool will cut the hook,But they will get your other finger if you are not very very very carefull and believe me that hurts worse than the hook.From Lowes the smallest pair of Kobalt dikes will cut most any crankbait hook.I found this out at the Quick Care after the Dr. tryed unsucessfully several times to manuver the hook out.He was trying to salvage my lure,when he told me that I told him I have more treble hooks at home I can replace the hook cut it.He did and the rest of the hook almost fell out!

bass or bass?

Besides bass/striper fishing and fishing for sunfish for bait, I also fish at night for large flathead catfish. I use 8/0 circle hooks for flatties. You definitely need strong compound cutters if you need to cut one of those bad boys! My two cents


last season I got one right in the pinkie. I ended up accidentally breaking the hook off at the bend while trying to remove it. I was going to leave it in but it was bothering me. the doc at the clinic took it out but afterwords told me a trick. he used to practice medicine in a town right on the shores of lake Erie and removed several hooks each week. you loop a piece of strong mono around the hook at the bend where it enters the skin, push down on the hook and pull it out with the mono. apparently pushing down on the hook at the bend releases the barb. I have not tried this yet so I don't know how well it works and hopefully i will never need to use this procedure.


This method has been described many times in fishing publications- I even have a little kit with directions.
Of course a broken hook is a different subject.