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News Honeoye and Canandaigua Lake Boat Ramps Closing for The Season


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The NYS boat ramp and parking lot at the south end of Honeoye Lake will close for the remainder of the boating season on 9/6/11 for ramp repairs and a new larger parking lot installation. The parking lot is expected to open in November for the up coming ice fishing season. Trident Marine on the NE side of the lake will be open, however they charge $10. to launch and have limited parking.

The NYS boat ramp and parking lot at the north end of Canandaigua Lake will also close for the remainder of the boating season on 9/6/11 likewise for ramp repairs. It is scheduled to re-open 1/1/12.


Ha! Whenever someone mentions the "little Finger Lakes", I always think of Hemlock lake- right down the road from Honeoye and Canandaigua. For years, the XXX Brewing Co. advertized that their beer was made from "pure sparkling Hemlock Lake water"! Well, boat fishing IS permitted there and they have a ramp. Went once, and let me tell you- Hemlock lake is dirty, filled with weeds and mud, with litter floating all along the shoreline! Boats traffic leaves oil slicks on the water. Plus.... how do I say this gently--- there were no restrooms around! Not a big fan of XXX Beer after that! LOL!

Some nice Pickeral in that Lake though! Best----JoeW
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Well they said sparkling water from the lake.
They did not say what sparkling water or how it got into the lake did they ?? LOL


I was afraid I was in trouble with that post! LOL, cwd! I forgot to mention that Hemlock Lake is part of nthe water supply system for ALL of Rochester (where XXX Brewing is located). So pretty much basically they were using Rochester city water from the tap! I don't think they use that advertizing any more- I think people caught on. Best---- JoeW