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Flight Plan


Bronze Member
When you go fishing let someone know where your going and when you exspect to be back!! This goes double for you saltwater and big lake fishermen, as who has a cyrstal ball to say what will happen on a days outing ,,could have engine trouble from mechanical ,to dead batteries or whatever .Might come in handy to always have a cell phone or some kinda distress signaling device .But to have someone know your way late back from your trip, maybe the first step to rescue ,so let someone know!:cool:


I totally agree dug! I went out trout fishing today and my wifey had me fill out the following flight plan: "Looking at 18-mile creek behind State Police barracks. if OK to fish, I'll be back at 2-4 ish. If not OK, then going to Cattauraugus Creek at Genesee Rd. Back around 4-5 ish."

I DO carry a cell phone for emergencies, but #1: I'm not sure if I can work it, and #2: if I fall in the creek or conk my head- it's not going to do me any good anyhow.

Don't end up on a "Cold Case" TV show because no one knew where to look, or when to start lookin'! Good post, dug! Best----- JoeW

bass or bass?

Leave your trip plan with someone who will expect you back by the designated time. On your trip plan include;
1. Destination. Also, what boat launch will you use; where will your vehicle be left? :confused:
2. Return day and time. So they know when to send in the cavalry! :eek:
3. Description of your tow vehicle: Make, year, color, LICENSE PLATE NUMBER! ;)
4. Description of your boat: Make, color, REGISTRATION NUMBER! ;)

I have a VHF marine band 2 way radio on my boat. Channel 16 is the emergency channel where you contact the sheriff or tow boat. I also have BoatU.S. membership and on water towing upgrade. This gives me unlimited towing on the water no matter how far for only @ $75 per year. Part of that $75 is also trailer towing upgrade which is unlimited mileage trailer towing should a bearing fail or other trailer problem. I highly recommend BoatU.S. membership. :cool:


A great idea! My wife is a coroner so I can tell it doesn't just happen on those tv shows. I always take a sealed tote with lots of granola bars,water and survival gear with me year round. Its a pain in the but in a small 10' zodiac but it has been used a few times when the weather has caught me out.
The lakes around here are remote and in the mountains and so I tell the other half when I will be back but also if the weather if turns bad I won't be home till the next day. That is a bit of a risk if I get hurt but calling out Search and Rescue because I am sitting on the beach with a fire going watching the big waves seems a bit much.
Part of this is being responsible for my own actions. And planning in case something goes wrong. As a past outdoor survival trainer it amazes me the trouble people get themselves into when a little bit of training and common sense would turn a disaster into an adventure.
If you are new to the great outdoors try and find a buddy to go with that knows what they are doing the first few times.
A good topographical map can also save you a lot walking if you get stuck. You need to know where you are and the safest way out. A GPS will tell you where you are but won't show you the best way to the nearest help.


Just a couple notes: even if you carry a cell phone, if you're out alone and fall, hit your head, or any one of a dozen other scenerios that would keep you from using the phone-- make sure someone knows your "flight plan"!

AND-- that survival kit idea from greatdane is great! Not only for boating, but if you live where the winter weather can turn bad- it can save you from some very bad times! This past winter in Buffalo, there was an all day snow storm that caught people by surprise. Commuters were stranded on INTERSTATE 90 ( a 4 lane expressway! ) for as long as 20 hours! A couple trucks jack knifed, some cars skidded sideways and for a mile long stretch they couldn't move forward or backward and rescue vehicles couldn't get to them! In full view of thousands of people living along the expressway. Some of those great people actually knocked down fences to take food and water and blankets to those stranded drivers. Point is: you don't know when a survival kit may be needed! I make both my daughters and my wifey and I always carry a big blanket, bottled water, and an assorted of granola, etc in our cars. Man! All of you be careful out there!

Reminds me of a four day fly-in trip we took in Canada. Flew about 20 minutes over nothing but trees and water to our destination lake! A bit scary! Really got the feeling of “remote”! Asked pilot what we were to do if someone broke a leg or ran out of food or something- he said “See you in 4 days!”. He did mention that we would be given a complimentary emergency kit when we landed. Later discovered emergency kit contained a whistle and a 20 ft piece of yellow nylon rope. Still puzzled about how a chunk of rope and a whistle would be used as first-aid for a broken leg! :confused:

Take care, and have fun! Best---- JoeW


One more thing. Some of the new GPS units have a gizmo that will send out a message with your location. I saw one on sale last week for $200. It's on my birthday list.