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Cool Fishing Word Game- Tackle



Idea popped into my head a little while ago (yea, I know- there was lots of room in my head so the idea had no problem popping in!). How about a little word game for fishing! Let's make the first one easy, mebbe? I'll name an item of tackle to start it off with, then the next poster takes the last letter of mine, and posts another item of tackle that STARTS WITH THE LAST LETTER OF MINE! Next poster does the same with the last letter of that post! Any questions- PM me!

Couple rules (I like rules!):
1. Make it a COMMON piece of fishing tackle, unless you explain exactly what it is you're talking about! LOL! And, NO- beer is not a piece of fishing tackle!
2. Post as many times as you want, but you CANNOT post twice in a row!
3. Number your submission and so we don't lose track of where we are.
4. Can't repeat an item!

Let's go! Lure names, equipment, devices,
anything you can or might take with you out fishing!

I'm hoping there's a lot of posts- and I'm betting we can hit #100 in no time! Pep talk--- Gooooooo Team Outdoor-Fishing! :D

OK- my post:

#1 Salmon EggS (Next poster needs to start with an "S" for #2)

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Whew--- Was painting in the family room and could not come up with a "K". Forgot that knife statrted with a K! Hate silent letters! Thanks, dug! Best----- JoeW

That was #3 Knife

Espyville Outdoors

Gold Member
#11...REALLY?!? An "X"??? Could this be the worst letter to start a fishing word!!!

X-Strong...as in an X-Strong hook by Gamakatsu!!!

"G" is next!!! And you can't use Gamakatsu!!!


Whew! Good save Espy! OK, I got "G"- How about:

#12 Garden WormS

Next member needs an "S"-- should be easier than an X! Best----- JoeW


Lucky #13 Split Shot.
T is next.
I was hopeing I did not kill the game with the letter X.


#15 Nightcrawler ---- Of which I don't have any in stock.

Next up is R