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Shocked Fishing eye injury

bass or bass?

First off, these photos are not for the squemish! This is a safety issue that needs to be addressed however. FISH HOOKS IN THE EYE! :eek: Nearly everyone wears sunglasses during the day while fishing, but unless you need prescription lenses, how many of you wear clear safety glasses while night fishing? Not many right? -no- I'm taking my beloved 11 year old granddaughter overnight fishing next weekend and want to make sure she wears clear safety glasses after sundown, she wears sunglasses during the day. PLEASE, take this warning to heart; WEAR CLEAR SAFETY GLASSES when you aren't wearing sunglasses while fishing or risk horrible injury.



As much as it seems unlikely to happen, it happens. Be careful out there fella's as we would much rather prefer a fishing report than a report on how you had to get a hook pulled out of your eye.My two cents


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That very thing almost happened to me . But a bass did it. I thought I had him hooked and was cranking him in. When it broke water I saw in a flash of time it was holding only the trailer of the buzz bait . Maybe 6' out rod bent . He lets go on seeing me . The bait came back like a bullet and the hook scratched my right temple enough to draw blood and sting like thunder . Lesson learned I got off cheap. Wear those Glasses the kind that have wide sides if possible.

big roe

I had a similar accident myself fishing at night on the river bank about 12 feet up when a catfish hit I reared back. The hook ,line and sinker all came at me with the .5oz sinker hitting me right under the eye and I went home with a black eye and a cut from the hook on my nose .I knew it was coming and turned my head but in the dark it drilled me hard and hurt , glasses are always a good idea and they have some decent looking safety glasses out now days.doh

bass or bass?

Again, I bumped this thread to the top for our newer members as it has a direct connection to the "absolute worst fishing experience" thread in the General Freshwater Fishing forum. Be careful out there! :eek:
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I can relate to this. Even though I didnt get a hook in the eye, I took a bobber at the speed of sound to the groin and pierced my own lip with a jig head.


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Its happened or nearly happened to all of us or someone we know, its like bike helmets we didn't have them when we were kids but my kid doesn't ride with out hers and I don't fish without shatter proof glasses,, good thread!!
WEAR EYE PROTECTION!! I accidentally hooked a buddy in the cheek a few years ago. We preformed field surgery and fished out the rest of the day, but a few inches higher and he might have had a similar picture. It happens...

bass or bass?

The latest issue of Bassmaster magazine shows a photo of a camera man filming during a tournament when he gets hooked in the side of the face, very near to his left eye, by a flying lure. He was not wearing any eye protection.
Nobody likes a nag, but I can't stress the importance of wearing eye protection at all times while fishing, or being on a boat with others who are fishing. You only get 2 eyes in a lifetime. Protect 'em!


Mono stretches and when a lure is tossed by a fish or snag it comes straight back at you. I wear safety rated clear or sun glasses over my Script glasses whenever fishing or hunting. Focused on game when stalking in the woods can put a small branch into your eye.

bass or bass?

Actually, it's more the flex of the rod that launches a lure/bait back at you after a missed hook set , snag, or lost fish. The rod and lure act just like a bow and arrow with the rod holder or any one near becoming the target. My two cents

bass or bass?

Just bumping this very important topic to the top for new members and especially for those new to fishing. PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS EYES!


#Team StingRay
And thats why i always Sport my Spider Wire Sunglasses, Not only do they keep your eyes out of the sun it keeps you from getting a random stray hook in your eye.
Yep these things happen! As a kid my younger brother hooked himself in the back with a treble hook, had to go to our hometown doc who was a retired military surgeon, old and mean. You could hear my brother scream two blocks from the office. Doc was not a gentle man.......nope.

Then there was the time my ex hooked our son in the earlobe thank goodness the old doc was retired and he got to have the hook removed in the ER.