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Fishin shoes


Hi all. I posted this story I wrote a couple of years ago on the NAFC forum but thought I would share it here. I enjoy writing but do not do it enough. it seems that I have all these thoughts but sometimes struggle to put it on paper. I admire such outdoor writers as Partick Mcmanus, Joel Vance and our own Dave.

Fishin shoes
Why so many shoes? I turned to look at my wife standing at the door of our walkin closet. This ain?t so much, why do you ask? She told me she was just concerned because I, as of late have shown a great interest in collecting as many pair of shoes as possible. Now I remember a time not too many years ago when she had over 70 pair of shoes and that?s no lie. Her sister had even more than that at one time, at least she did (I have not looked in her closet lately). It seems that most women tend to accumulate a vast quantity of shoes. Of course the difference between me and them was I actually have or are planning to use all of mine. You see the thing she does not understand is that to us fishermen/women shoes are an important part of our sport.
Take a look in any large outdoor outfitter or fishing catalog and you will find a wide variety of footwear designed for fishing and general outdoor usage. There are a number of different options in hiking boots and shoes. Also you may find a number of different options for fishing. There are all kinds of wading boots available to the fly fisherman. You have your basic boot with the lug soles, felt soles, felt with studs, and lug soles with studs. Then you have all the variations of these such as ones for warm weather wading, tropical flats and of course a pair for frigid waters. Don?t forget about waders and all of your sole options there. I am not sure if waders should be classified as footwear but they play an important role in our fishing arsenal. And of course you have your basic boat shoe. Now you can use just about any shoe as a boat shoe but some makes are better suited for this type of use. Just as long as you don?t use your Sunday best, at least not until they are properly broken in and you do not plan on attending any church services or wedding/ funeral services in the near future. It is no wonder that we are constantly in a state of being overrun by footwear not to mention perturbed spouses.
I am in a current state of not having much money to spend on fishing and barely have enough to cover the basic essentials such as all the new fangled rods and reels, the latest no vis line and the usual supplies related to a fishing trip such as gas, beef jerky and sun warmed hogie sandwiches from the convenience store. When I am in need of say a new pair of wading shoes I will look through my closet and see if I have anything with at least some useable tread. After I have narrowed these choices down then If I need something to fit over a pair of stocking foot waders I will find a pair that fits at least somewhat comfortably over the waders. After I have made the selection and the appropriate pair has been promoted to dry wading shoe then one of the other pair. Lets say last months new athletic shoe?s are slid into the place of a wet wading shoe and so forth until I have all the bases covered. How do you get away with converting your new tennis shoes to the job of wader? Well a good way to get away with using a new pair of shoes for this is to use them to mow the lawn. Usually this makes them less desirable in your wifes eyes as a general going to dinner and a movie shoe and your local gym frowns upon grass stains on their shiny basketball court. Of course If I could ever get enough extra money to be able to afford a new pair of wading boots I would still have to convince my wife that the purchase would be worth the money. Of course I could always tell her that She would not need to buy me any more going out shoes in the near future or promise to give her back her side of the closet. BP


LOL! Now I gotta go find, then count up MY pairs of "Outdoor shoes"! You're right- i must have dozens! Now "dress shoes"- I have two pair- brown and black- had them for 20 years, but Outdoor Shoes! LOL! And yup- there's a ranking system for them- add a new pair and you have to re-organize- but heavens don't throw a pair out! TIME (tears in my eyes!)

A great aside on one of the afflictions of outdoorsmen! Encore! Encore! Best---- JoeW


+1 ! LOL Good stuff Bd....
But now you've made me realize; I may have a problem I never knew about... :)

bass or bass?

I fish on my boat barefoot if the weather is not too hot or too cold. Then I wear socks, up to 3 pairs, no shoes. However I do keep a pair of old broken down sneakers on board for launching and recovering the boat and anything that needs doing on shore. They usually last 4 to 6 trips before they are dumpster fodder. shrug


wore my 6-yr old boat shoes to Church a couple weeks ago and my wife told me I needed new shoes. If I didn't have to have my leg stretched out for a knee injury, she probably wouldn't have said anything.