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Report First time fishing salt water at Hilton Head


New to fishing.
Got back from Hilton Head, SC last night. Had a good time there. Went out on a head boat, first time fishing the salt water. It was a good time, only I would have liked the ride to the spot to be little less. It was 1.5 hour boat ride there. Water was little choppy from storm last night. Ended up catching about 6-7 sea bass. First one was the biggest one. 12 inches, just 1 inch less than a keeper size. Girl friend caught 7-8 sea bass, and one toad fish that looked kinda strange. And yea, I hooked into a decent size lady fish and fought for a couple of minutes. It jumped in the air from about 20 feet from the boat and spit the hook. That was a bummer. But over all a good time. ^! Saw some dolphins swimming around. Also saw a Sea Turtle floating in the deeper parts of water.