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First presentation/fly tying demo


Was invited to give a presentation at Tri County Trout Club a few months ago. I was a bit nervous about doing this but though I would give it a try. My presentation was called, Winter Fly Fishing in Pennsylvania, (It's Just You, the Stream, and the Fish) I covered all of the basics of winter fly fishing and techniques that work for me.

I was a bit intimdated because there were around 30 guys present and this was my first ever presentation. I would guess that 70 percent of them more than doubled my age. I presented for roughly and hour or so. During the Q&A session many of the questions started with "Great Presentation"

I am not going to lie I was super nervous to do this, but now look forward to presenting at another location in the future. The president of the Arrowhead Chapter, said he may look into having me as a speaker, which boosted my confidence a bit.

I then went to the tying table and tied a rubber leg stone that has been effective for me this past winter. I gave away two Allen Fly Fishing boxes, with 20 or so of my flies that work in the winter, and just one plane box.

I would suggest this to anyone who can put together a presentation who has a lot of knowledge on the sport. It was a blast getting people into winter fly fishing, and teaching them a new pattern. many members took notes, and asked very good questions.

I did have one slip up when tying the fly and forgot to rib the body. I didn't panic and told the members "Now, I will show you how to rescue a fly" It got a laugh and a member even told a story about another member who always forgot to wrap the hackle on his wooly buggers, the member replied, "Hey they made good leeches"

The whole experience was pleasurable, and it felt good to give back to the sport I love. Once the nerves were gone it was very fun. It made for a long day as I didn't get home until 11:00 because of the travle distance, but would do it again in a second.

I saved the powerpoint, and can email it to anyone who would be interested in taking a look. Remember I am no Joe Humphry's or professional just did a presentation on what works for me in the winter time. It is in more or less outline format but would be happy to answer any question you may have. If you do get it, please by all means offer suggestions to make the presentation better.

Thanks again Tri County Trout Club for giving me the opportunity to present. I hope that if any members of Outdoor-Fishing were present to pm me with insight on things that you liked or did not like about the presentation.