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Data Espyville Outdoors address....

Espyville Outdoors

Gold Member
Okay, fish heads!!! We are only a couple weeks away from the meet!!!! I have had a few guys ask me for the shop address, so I will post it here.

1545 State Highway 285
Espyville, PA 16424

Depending on the brand of your GPS, you may have to use a different "road/route" name and/or "city" name.

State Highway may need to be "Highway", "Pennsylvania" or "Route".

Espyville, more than likely, will need to be entered as "Linesville".

If you do not have a GPS, use Google Maps (https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&authuser=0&tab=wl) and type in "Espyville Outdoors" into the destination box. It should auto-populate.

Any questions, feel free to call!!!


GPS coordinates entered...homing beacon has been activated...deploy the tractor beam and bring me in. :)