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Error codes


Gold Member
Tacklemake is receiving an error code and can't get on the site . the code is coming up http:406 . I got no idea but I think the problem is on his end since I'm online . Can one of you computer guru's give an answer . shrug

Tech Admin

The Tech Support Dude...
This issue is in short (without getting too technical) caused by a web browser that does not like what the webserver is sending to it. A very rare error, caused by a rare web browser.

The simplest fix is to have them install a modern browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Crome, Opera, Safari. All which are free.

The error would probably happen on multiple sites as well.

If he must use that web browser, please ask him which it is and I will try to debug it.


406 error...

Just happened to me too. Lasted 15 minutes, then OK. I have Firefox. Best---- JoeW