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Dragon Casters On The Nomad Express!

How To Adjust The Tensioner & Use The Nomad Travel Express Rod!

Ok, i'm not used to baitcasters. I've used them in Maine bagging trout & in Asia for snakeheads. I'm used to spinners. But if you fish areas of brush & trees you'll need a baitcaster for accuracy. I'll walk you through how i adjust the tensioner of a Okuma Komodo SS KDS-364P so it'll eliminate the possibility of a birdnest "hopefully". I'll also use an Okuma Nomad Express Travel Rod. A 7'11" Heavy 4pc rod with spigot ferrule connections. This rod can handle the Komodo easily.

Remember when casting this isn't a spinning rig. There's no need to whiplash or "oomph" this rig. Just a smooth extended arm release will suffice. This isn't a rig for distance casting, it's a powerful combo for accurately placing your lure exactly where you want it. Under a tree branch or next to a log a baitcaster is meant for accuracy. Hard to do this with a spinner (though i can-lol).

I started the peg settings on both casters (KDS-471P & KDS-364P) at 3 alternating "up". Comes from the factory with all 6 pegs down. I contacted a Okuma rep to ask what's the best starting position of the pegs. He recommended starting with 3 up & 3 down, then adjust accordingly. So after a few days this is where i'm at. The 364 i'm using 2 pegs up & the 471 they're all down. So far no birdnesting (just jinxed myself). I'm using 1-1/2 or 2oz on the smaller rig & 2-1/2 or 3oz on the larger rig. The rod used with the 471 is another 7'11" Nomad Express but it's a XH instead of a H.

Komodo 364 has 340yd of 20lb braid on a H 7'11" Nomad Express.
Komodo 471 has 360yd of 40lb braid on a XH 7'11" Nomad Express.

Both rigs feel "balanced". Extremely light-weight. Casting heavier weights makes you more accurate. You can put everything in a standard sized backpack. This is a rig you can travel abroad with, no bail wire to possibly bend & passes TSA travel restrictions.