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Different log in issues

I'm still getting the vBulletin message:

Invalid Redirect Url (http://www.outdoor-fishing.com).

I guess I should be happy that I am actually logged in, but this is even happening on my work computer. It's annoying to see this page everytime I try to log in.

Any ideas???



Does that link take you to the home page pickeral?
And, you're wanting to log in on the forums page?
Guess I'm just not sure what you're seeing?
Does it redirect you, or do you have to reload the page?

If you're just wanting to log in on the forum page, save this link:

If it's a redirect issue, and the page isn't loading, try clearing your cookies?
If these suggestions don't work, we may have to contact TechAdmin...


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
I see the same thing when using windows IE 9. No issues when i use Firefox


OK...here's the log in problem I'm having...every once in a while when I select O-F from My favorites file...instead of the home page coming up I get this:
The odd part is...the home page DISAPPEARS from my "favorites" and gets replaced by this! Even more annoying is when I click on O-F from that stupid page...it just returns to that stupid page...sometimes it can take 15-20 minutes to get the home page back...what's going on with this? I've never had this happen with any other "favorites" I have saved.:mad:
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Mo, not sure what operating system, browser, or router you're using...
or, how tech savvy you are...
but here's a link to a site explaining ways to get rid of dlinksearch...


And, here's some more info I came up with...

Google redirect virus overview - http://atechjourney.com/google-redirect-virus-overview.html/

Google Redirect Virus – Remove Manually(latest update)

How to do a complete Internet explorer optimization -

There's a lot of reading here, (I haven't read it all yet, just googled the problem for known solutions) but hopefully it'll get your squared away....let me know


I was checking out those viruses you listed...but I think my problem is different. Those were affecting all searches...and my problem is only occurring with O-F...and then its sporadic.:confused:


It sounds like a router problem to me Mo...
it doesn't effect all searches because sometimes the Dlink server finds the right address...

I'd try this, can't hurt...
log into your Router:
Goto Setup/Internet On the bottom of the page click on the manual Internet Setup Button.

Uncheck the "Advanced DNS Service" box. Save settings and reboot. (Your done)

More good info here:


If you get that redirect, just left click on the O-F banner and you will be at the home page.