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Gold Member
Thanks guys Going to try to make some that look like a holstein cow or however in the heck you spell it .


WOW. those are HOT. way beyond cool.
You my friend have just raised the bar, to a whole new level.
If you do not tear them up with these I do not know what would.

We have T.V. commercials here that say Happy Cows come from California.
So I guess we will have to start saying
Holstein Grubs come from Oklahoma.
Only From the Master Sir Todie.

and they Glow Too. :)


Gold Member
We fished them

Bluegillgirl has been wondering about my daughter so now she can see her .
We took the 3.5 fry out with a beetle spin to see what we could get . Only had 30 minutes to fish before I had to get her back to her mom . Wish we could have stayed Meg lost about 4 lb bass. Broke the 6 lb test at the bank . She keeps every durn thing to put in the stock tank with her gold fish . You will see a little bitty bass on the stringer . I sure did hate for anyone to see me walking back to the car with that thing .




Way to go toad! Gonna have to string that pole with some 8 or 10lb. line.:D


Executive Administrator/Owner
Hats off to You Toadfrog for taking time to take Your Daughter Fishing. Well now you know that 3.5 fry works. Thanks for sharing the Photo.


Gold Member
Lord Have Mercy Meg and I got more than we bargained for . I've been picking spotted ticks off of impossible places .Hate them lil varmits .Time for a bleach bath .


Well I dont care how small the bass is, The excitement she is showing is bigger than the world.
thats great.
I took BGG out last night, the only thing biting was the skeeters.
we did see what looked like a cat roll up about 5 feet aeay from us. she got all excited.
however nothing we tried worked.