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News Darn! No record!



Buffalo, NY had it's first measurable snow of the year yesterday Dec 2nd. 1" of snow on the ground. Darn, everyone around here was all excited last week because Dec 3rd was the RECORD for for latest first snowfall!!!! Missed it by a day! Geez- along with the Bills and Sabres, now we can't even break weather records! I'm moving to Pttsburgh- "Home of Champions (and the Pittsburgh Pirates!)" Saw that on a sign going into Pgh one time! Best---- JoeW :)


Gold Member
News is tracking snow possibly for me this week . Wind is blowing as usual . No fishing again today . What is cruel and unusual is having all these lures at my finger tips and all I can do is tie one on mt snoopy pole then trail it back and forth in the bathtub or stock tank .


Yep--- same here! And it IS cold, too! I've been designing a new series of spinning lures- can't get the balance right, dang it! I've been running out back to my little garden pond and testing them- gone through about 20 feet of wire just remaking the "prototypes". Got a question for you, toad-- I need some 1/8 ounce brass and nickel plated spinner bodies- look likle bullets but with little ridges on them, like on a Mepps. Tried all my usual places online, but they either want 50 cents apiece or they don't carry them! Got a secret supplier for stuff like that? Best---- JoeW

bass or bass?

I used to have one of those "City Of Champions" bumper stickers. Those were available the year both the Pirates and Steelers won championships. Ah, those were the days!


JoeW sorry you did not get a new record.
I do not understand what you would want that white cold wet stuff anyways.
seems to me anything that would make me loose a few months of fishing would not be a good thing.
The last few days we have been in the low 30's at night with highs in the 40's.
I have had to wear at least 3 layers of clothing just to resemble any amount of warmth.
I do not know how you all manage to put up with the winters you have.
I will take earthquakes over snow any day.LOL