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Discussion Choosing hooks for carp fishing


Permission slip bobbering
Everybody fishes differently and it goes choosing the hook size depends on the bait that I'm using. I'm always impressed by how small the hooks someone uses to how large of a hook another person uses. I've seen these people catch huge carps, with my respect.

When using nightcrawlers I go with a hook size from 4 to 1. It just kind of depends on using half a crawler to a full cralwer.

When using bread just clumped on the hook, I go with hook size from 4 to 2. It's just so I have the bait ball size I like. Just enough to cover the hook.

When using kernal corn, I go with a hook size from 4 to 2 as well. I like to put around two to three whole kernal corn. Sometimes I do drop down to a size 6 or 8 hook, but rarely have the need to.

These are my basic methods and it works for the river carp I'm fishing for. I like to put the hook set to them and prevent them from running into a snag on the river.


I usually use dough balls for carp, so my hook is a small treble. Even if I switch to corn...I keep the treble...just put 2 or 3 kernels on each point.


Bronze Member
I'm with Mo, I like those small trebles with bait except when using a fly rod and sneaking up on them when they are mouthing the surface than its a small dry fly dropped right in front of them! man they are fun to catch!


Most of the hooks I use are anywhere in the size 12 to 8 range.
If I use a big hook It is a #4. the only time I use anything bigger is when I am deep sea fishing.
I will use single or treable hooks when I fish for carp or suckers. but most of them are in the 8 to 18 inch size. I only fish for carp when the irrigation canels get drained in late fall.
I use worms or corn one seems to work as well as the other.


New member
I usually fish with corn on a hair rig, And a method bait packed around a slip sinker. A size 6 is my normal size for carp over 5lbs. If there are mostly smaller fish around I'll use a hair rig with as low as a sz 10. I've also been chasing them a bit with the fly rod, have only caught a few that way so far though.


I like a hair rig too...usually with corn. ^!
bet they're a blast on the fly. :cool: