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Discussion Check time !


Bronze Member
Well spring has sprung fish are starting to bite!
Time to check the new rules and regs and go over your boat stuff to see if anything needs replacing . Things to check are such things but not limited to fire exstiguisers and one to check alot of people forget is, check your anchor rope for weak spots ,first aid kit,are your running lights and anchor light working?? In short go over your boat to keep up with the regs and go over your saftey equiptment as you never know when you might need them or to show ole Ranger Rick your up to regs!! Have a great safe and happy spring and summer !Other things you can think of please add to the list!


Executive Administrator/Owner
Trailer Lights...tire pressure...current registration for Boat and Trailer.


This may or may not be practical for some out there. These are some of the things I carry (besides the required safety equipment);

Small(60pc SAE/Metric) Socket set
Wrench set(SAE/Metric)
Multi tip Screwdriver
Electrical connector assortment,w/Stripper-crimper
12,14,16ga wire
Shearkeys for Jet impeller
Spare sparkplugs
Cable ties
Channel Locks
Drain plugs.
Self-extinguishing ashtray(for my friends that still smoke)
Dry towels(in case one of us happen to go in the drink).

I can fix just about any problem on the water,I hate to be stranded. I've been there before,gas motor down,miles from the ramp and electric power fading fast. Luckily another fisherman stopped to offer a tow back. To this day(after 20yrs) I always stop to offer assistance if I see someone in trouble.


Don't forget a small tarp. Helps in passing showers and I once "sailed" my pontoon about a mile to a launch site.