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Discussion Catfish Pro Series aluminum boat


Jerry A
Excel Boat Company of Mountain View, Arkansas and West Jordan, Utah

They have a 24' 3" Catfish Pro Series with a 175HP Outboard. You can get their Super Liner Finish (available in standard Khaki or optional camo). Other features include a 30 Gallon Fuel Tank, a 60 Gallon main livewell (love this pic!)

and a 12 gallon front livewell (Baitwell).

I also thought Excel's unique center drain grate was neat!

What do you think?

BTW - I ran across this because it was in the Mtn View news. I have parents that live in the Mtn View, AR area. Apparently the Delta Regional Authority has provided more than $3.7M in investments to small business owners, entrepreneurs, families and communities to grow the economy and create jobs in the Arkansas Delta. Well... part of that is a Stone County Roof Replacement Project, Mountain View (AR-1): Replacement of the roof on a county-owned building which houses Excel Boats. DRA Investment: $87,875; Leveraged Public Investment: $9,250; Total Project Cost: $97,125.00 (5 jobs to be created and 36 jobs to be retained). Curious I researched the Excel Boat Company to find this information.
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bass or bass?

Catfish Weekly (catfishweekly.com) does a weekly pod cast show on Monday evenings. They did a show a couple weeks ago about catfishing boats and this was one of the boats they reviewed. If interested, all the catfish weekly shows (@ 1 hour) can be seen on their web site. My two cents