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Catching Chubs & Surgeonfish!

Catching Lowfin Chubs "Nenue" & Yellowtail Surgeonfish "Pualu"!

Another day fishing with my friend Jared. Was crowded earlier in the week with the Aussies camping out for sharks. Within 10min i hooked a Bonefish "O'io" that doubled back and shook the hook off. Place has been clean & garbage picked-up & hauled. Latter on it became crowded & a few local anglers didn't care they were casting within 10ft of us & started tangling lines. Even though one of them kept apologizing he kept doing it!

I started to help out one of the young high school anglers who just loves to fish. Gave him some hooks & swivels with instructions. Zeke wanted to catch barracudas. His parents got him some good equipment & he learns extremely fast. At 15yr old he's going to be an awesome angler! I also gave away one of my Okuma rods to Jared as he needed one & i was given the ok to do so.

This was a typical fun day. Helped others from instructionals to releasing an accidentally hooked turtle. Brought extra bait to help others & supplied extra garbage bags for everyone.