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Catawba River(Riverwalk, Rock Hill, SC)


4lb 10oz Channel Catfish

1lb 14oz Channel Catfish

Stopped at the river for the first time since the move. Put on the Secret 7 Catfish bait from Team Catfish and what a time I had.

I have watched the videos on Team Catfish's YouTube channel, and figured they probably doctored the vids a bit. Getting hammered within minutes every time they cast? Sure, like that happens.

Well, let me tell you. It does! I put the bait on the bait holder and tossed it about 3' from the bank, right in front of a felled tree. And I hooked my first fish within 2 minutes. Unfortunately, I snapped my line as I was lifting him outta the water.

I walked back to my truck, retied with heavier line and went back. This time I hooked my second fish inside a minute. 1lb 14oz Channel Cat(perfect eating size).

Fished that spot another 15 min and no bites, so I walked about 1/2 mile down the trail and found another felled tree. Baited up and hooked my third, the 4lb 10oz Channel Cat inside of 3 minutes of wetting the line.

Anyone who fishes rivers for catfish, I can't recommend the Team Catfish products enough!
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Jerry A
Grade A tender! Didya release 'em in smaller pieces, in hot oil, covered in cornmeal. Mmmm I can smell it now! Hush puppies... cole slaw... oh you're making me hungry.


BorB, I have found so far that this stuff works TONS better in current than in a lake or pond. The current pulling the smell down stream really makes this stuff pop! Just my two cents.


Another Riverwalk stop on a Friday after work and:

4lb 2oz

3lb 10oz

1lb 3oz

And missed 2 more! Secret 7 is awesome on rivers!!!