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Casting Bait Bags With Shrimp & Squid!

Today my buddy Wayne Choy needed fish to make fishcake so i took him to my "un-secret" spot to fill the cooler. Had multiple huge strikes, some we couldn't bring in. Some strikes happen within a second of the bait hitting the water!

The main targeted species was O'io (known as Bonefish) or "Boners". Had a GT hit but couldn't bring it in. Did get an Awa'awa (Ladyfish), also great for making fishcake. Had so many hits that i decided to put my video unit away & just enjoy myself filling the cooler.

We used my system of "Bait Bags". You save your bait this way & don't need to check it often. I was recovering from pulling out my left leg, now i need to start that over again. The soft sand really strained my leg all day. We alternated shrimp & squid for stuffing bait bags. Left in the middle of the afternoon as we had enough fish by then.

For shallower depths (3-5ft) i shorten my lead line from 3ft to 1-1/2ft. Afterwards we lost less fish. Why is that? The fish will tend to drag the lead on the bottom due to it being shallow. The lead gets hung-up on reef and/or coral. We had hits that resulted in lost lead, lost leadline & snapped mainline. After reducing the leadline length this waste of supplies stopped.

Some beachgoers might be dismayed at me for letting "Baby Jaws" back into the water. Sorry but if i don't eat it, it goes back. I hope you anglers that never tried my system of using stretchable finger gauze bandage will take a hard look at the results shown here & consider the benefits of spending less money buying bait to checking your baits less often.

For those that "think" the nylon in the stretchable bags are bad for the fish & the environment has never used this method. After 100's of bags used by myself & my friends not a single one ended-up on the reef or remained within a fish. When a fish hits a bag the fact that the hook is intertwined with the hook makes it next to impossible for the bag to easily fall off that hook unless you pinch the barbs thus forming a "barbless" hook. The only exception is if the leaderline breaks.