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Discussion Carp bait


New to fishing.
I am thinking of giving carp a try this coming weekend if I get a chance to go out fishing. I am wondering what other baits do work well on carp other than corn and night crawlers? What are boilies? Are they pre-made dough balls sold in stores?

Also, should I fish for them on the bottom or under a bobber?

solitario lupo

Ever use soft shell crayfish. When i usually see them swimming the shores in the river, thats what they are doing looking for crabs. Any crayfish should do.

bass or bass?

Fish on the bottom. And you can also purchase prepackaged dough bait in small plastic containers (like catfish dip bait) at Wal-Mart or other tackle dealers. My two cents


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
This might sound weird...and I'm hesitant to even post this...But, here in Queens NY...there's a few Europeans that only fish for carp (they have an actual carp club) in the few city ponds that has them...Their secret bait is Italian bread...And this is what they do...Get a loaf of Italian bread...use the middle portion for chum and the ends (crust) for bait...Start off early in the morning..you'll see carp jumping in the am..break off little chunks of bread..and start chumming the water...toss it out, far and near, left and right...Now bait up your carp rig with a nice chunk of bread...Use the crust as it will stay on the hook better...wait til you see carp bust the top..and toss your baited hook in that area...I know this sounds weird, but believe me...I've seen them do it...And I've seen them pull out some monsters...give it a try...just don't eat all the bread! :D


New to fishing.
Thanks borb and Vito for the tips. I believe you, Vito. I was watching some youtube videos and there some English boys was doing kinda the same thing. I will try it when I can get out.


Bronze Member
A good one I use is two cups bisquick and 4 tables spoons of garlic (no egg) ,use the oil out of 2 cans of sardine or herring in oil ,eat sardine or said herring ! Use a can of corn mashed up or as I do slightly blended in a blender to make corn chopped up pat dry with paper towel because you don't want your dough real wet, mix all ingredients to make a biscuit dough with about 2/3cup to a cup of water you gotta kinda feel it get a rubbery feeling ( add a little more bisquick if to much moisture ) by kneeding it!,! I roll out flat to about 1/2inch let dry that way all day put in a gallon zip lock bag needing it some more ! roll into balls I use the smallest weight I can get away with ,a small treble hook at least a 15 inches above the weight lets it float! It works for me ,good luck ,they are fun to catch on light line! I use 6 or 8lb test !
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Micro Jig

I usually do it the lazy way and have caught many a carp... quick and easy only two things to mix together. ... peanut butter and bread.... just spread a little peanut butter on some white bread work it together and made dough ball size baits just big enough to cover the hook.

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