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C & R Spin Casting Highlights!

Practicing Catch & Release Helps Sustain The Environment!

I like to go whipping, another term for spin casting. Sometimes i either catch undesirable species or sizes that are under the legal limits. Day or night, reef or sand it doesn't matter. It's non-stop action & you can cover miles whipping the coastline.

I rarely keep pics or videos of smaller hits so this is a small collection of C & R "Catch & Release" of the last few years of casting. Species caught are Moi "Threadfins", Papio "Jack Trevally", Nunu "Cornet Fish", Kaku "Barracuda", Weke "Goatfish" to Lizardfish & others.

My basic Whipping rig used is my mainline tied to a small swivel. The leader line is tied to the other side consisting usually of fluorocarbon (sometimes monofilament) averaging 6-7ft. I use O'Doul to Circle or Live Bait hooks. I prefer grubs during the day & UV grubs for night. Sometimes floating flies. Above the hook's eye i sometimes adorn my rig with UV and/or colored plastic bead(s).