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Boat safety list


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Just wondering how many of you folks have put your boat in the water and realize dang it, forgot to put in the plug, me more times than I want to admit. But even more important I think is that to check the tiedowns , and using a safety hook on from boat to trailer and of course securing stuff in the boat so you dont lose it . So I've got a same way every time list for the way I launch and load up for the drive home so I get home with my Rods ,my ice chest lids [you know you all have lost an ice chest lids] life vest etc.etc Bungicords and a strech webbing can prevent lost items but loading and unloading the same way and checked the same way will keep your boat from passing you on a downhill curve.. My worst almost dumb thing was leaving my plug out on my Stratus ,left in the back of the truck and not checking my bilge pump which had become plugged up,of course. Got on a spot started fishing and notice hey Im sinking !! started up took off back for the launch feeling like a smuck luckly i made it, warm day ran to truck retrieved plug jumped in the water put it in and went tio work on the bilge pump ,but if I had checked it before I launched I wouldnt had left my plug out and I would have known my bilge pump will be working .Will it be my last drama on a fishing day I hope so, but I also doubt it . but my check list has helped so far. And oh yea did I fail to mention alot of people at the dock got some good laughs out of my being forgetfull . Safe fishing all
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bass or bass?

I've forgotten to put in my bilge plug twice, both times I was still right at the ramp and put the boat back on the trailer to let the water drain out. Now I put the plug in in the driveway before I leave home. Never lost anything out of the boat transporting to or from the lake. I put everything in my Blazer and transfer it to the boat at the lake, and back into the truck before leaving the lake.
But on the topic of safety, I (and everyone in my boat) always wear PFDs when the boat is under way. If the big motor is running, you're wearing it. Period! Also, please don't stand up on the edge of the boat to urinate in the water. Several guys have died here in Arizona in the last couple years after slipping off the boat edge, hitting their head on the boat, and drowning in the water. I have a 1 quart plastic mug in my boat that is used as the urinal, then dumped and rinsed out before being stored away till needed next time.
Be careful and safe out there.


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Don't feel too bad buddy. I think most everyone who boats has forgot the plug at least once. I know I have forgotten it a few times. One way to prevent this is to keep the plug on a loop of string and put it around the tiller handle of the motor or the key way if you have a steering console. That way you can't start the rig without knowing the plug is out. One fella I know keeps his plug tied to the winch on his trailer. That way he can't launch without being reminded to put the plug in. Your in good company though as I can't think of anyone that I know that hasn't forgotten the plug at least once or twice. God Bless. Dave


I've forgotten the plug in an old boat. But,have yet to forget them(I have 2,one on each side of the tunnel) in the new one. When I take them out I hang them on the top hook of tie-down straps. That way when I un-strap the boat I'm reminded to put them back in. Works every time.