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Boat Hitchhikers


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How goes the fight on aqutic hitch hikers? some serious preventions are being taken
in some spots I fish . Park Rangers checking you guys? Are you using bleach or hot water to kill any stowaways, if your jumping from lake to lake, with a few simple things you can do your part to stop hitch hikers I know mr. Joe W. and other guys here on O.F. can get us graph or a idea how goes the fight on zebra musles or other invaders.


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I have a 2 gal . sprayer 50 % bleach . Then before I go to a different place I wash the hull with muratic acid. My boat is aluminium so I don't have a lot to worry about as far as finish. I also check the anchor and trailer. Them little buggers Hide really well. They will get in your tail light covers and places like that.


When the Zebras were found in Lake Erie (1990?), everyone panicked and claimed they'd wipe the gamefish out of the lake. procedures were given about cleaning boat hulls, livewells, etc etc like you guys mentioned here. DNR people were "inspecting" boats at the launches, etc. But they spread anyhow! I suspect ducks and geese carry the larva on their feet. Anyhow, the panick seems to have died down. They clog water intakes pipes, boat cooling systems, and some other probelsm, but around here, they're a fact of life. On the good side-- they've really cleaned out the algae and debris in the water. 20 years ago, yuou could see bottom in maybe 8 feet of water, now you can see down 15 feet! That had brought a "boom" to the Smallmouth and Steelhead fisheries, both of them being mainly sight feeders! There are so many smallmouth in the lake, they're a nuisance for the walleye fishermen! Soooo-- do what you want and can, I'm all in favor of that and encourage it, but if they're coming your way, they're gonna get there! But there may be some "good" news once they arrive.

PS: I've heard that the original Zebra Mussels have been replaced by a more aggressive mussel in Lake Erie called a Quagga, I think. Close relatives, just the Quagga is a little larger and not so striped. Berst----- JoeW

There's some very good points in the posts above above avoiding the hitch hikers. The tiny little larve are invisible and stick to anything that goes into the water. Anchor ropes, trailers, minnow buckets---- anything! I've read that 48 hours out of water kills them, but if you fish often, that's not a help!
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outside, looking 4 cave:)
We have a lake here in Omaha Ne that has been drained and let to freeze over the winter.
They hope it will kill the Zebra.
Sad, great lake that had just come into producing some awesome fish.
We fished it quite a bit this summer and had Amazing days.
Talked to many boaters that were fishing 3-4 lakes right around this one. I am sure the Zebra will be found in those in the next couple years.
We were told here a mix of Vinegar and water to spray down your boat.

One other lake here at Offutt air base was treated with chemicals for zebras but it was a failure.

I am needing to re-do bunks and have decided to use the slick boards and no carpet.
It starts with us:)

bass or bass?

We have the quaggas here in my regular lake, Lake Pleasant. When the water is drawn way down, they absolutely cover EVERYTHING that's exposed :mad:. This year however they don't seem to be quite as bad :confused:. The water has always been gin clear on Lake Pleasant. In the lower lake you can see down through the water 40 feet or more :cool:. I rarely go to other lakes and when I do it has been so long between trips that everything is long since dried out. :)


thanks for this bass man. remember, DRY/WASH your boat after taking it out of a body of water with the intentions of putting it in another body of water. Stop the hitch hikers!!


Hi Joe, haven't heard from you in a while.
You are absoulutly correct about Lake Erie as it was somewhat eutrophic (if I spelled that right) but on many other waters, they have been very damaging as they are filter feeders and that can directly affect the food supply of many bait fish. There has been a major change in the food supply of Lake Michigan because of the mussels.
As for Lake Pleasant, the Quagga mussels were introduced, perhaps into Lake Mead and every thing downstream has them, including Pleasant and all of the California Lakes that recieve Colorado River water----including the one at which I used to be a treatment plant operator in San Diego County.
When AZGFD posted rules, the concerned people said they will try, others complained about the extra effort required and others said "why bother", it is going to happen anyway.