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Question? Best Tasting Fish


just wanted to get an idea of everyone's opinion on the best tasting fish out there. I prefer Walleye and Perch


i'm with you pillman on this one.Caught a mess of them today through 6'' of ice today I've never caught such big fat perch before,good fishing yet to come..


Bluegill is my favorite, but crappie and perch are real close. I'm in Georgia, I catch a few fair size perch, but they are few and far between. My brother-in-law would bring a mess of perch from Ohio, good eating.
Hard to decide I love eating fish but would have to say Crappie and Walleye are probably my top two Bullhead are a real close third though.


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
You guys definitely need to get out more...RED SNAPPER is by far the best tasting fish!! :D

Haha very true Baressi. But since ive moved to the hills of Pennsyltucky my fresh saltwater meals are few an far between.

So im going with Crappie, Walleye, Perch, Gills, Cats


Vito...just wait 'til the meet...when you sink yer teeth into a walleye or crappie fillet...you are in for a treat.:D

Espyville Outdoors

Gold Member
Vito...I would have to agree with you on the Red Snapper!!! I prefer Mahi Mahi a little more, though.

Freshwater fish would have to be bluegill...

bass or bass?

I'll have to go along with mahi mahi.
I've caught plenty of them in Florida and I don't think anything else comes close. Just my humble opinion. My two cents

For fresh water fish, I'll cast my vote for channel catfish. My two cents


Bronze Member
Black ,green eye grouper is the best eating fish that has ever swam in salt water!walleye is hard to beat in freshwater! Oh by the way I'm BACK! Dugger

PA John

New member
I think Barresi nailed the winner. I also like "Rock' fish and "Tog". Sweetwater I have to go with Walleye.


Fresh water fish, has to be bluegill & crappie, saltwater is either red snapper or cod.
However I have never been know to turn down any fresh fish dinners.LOL