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Berkley Havok Swim Bait w/a Owner TwistLOCK Fresh or Saltwater!!

Casting Swim Baits on a Weighted Center Pin Hook!

My friend Brian Kimata recently introduced me to the 3in Chartreuse Shads by Havok. It really looks like our local young Yellowtail Goatfish here in Hawaii that is heavily preyed upon by most local toothy predators. These Swim Baits come in 3in & 5.5in sizes. Brian recommended using the Owner brand TwistLOCK black chrome 3/0 size 1/16oz weighted hook for the 3in.

The recent rains kept me from the shorelines & the resulting brown water will keep my hooks dry for awhile. So i'm sharing how i will rig this combo & the different type of accessories i'll be adding to create a near hook-free presentation. Just watch your retrieval speed so the rig runs straight, the weighted hook will act like a "keel" to help the lure run straight without flipping over.

Sorry that the main segment is a little dark, the sun was rising on the other side of the house & the clouds were about to burst, which it did a minute after i shot this. I did go out in the pouring rain latter on to test all configurations using 3/4 & 1oz Lead Eggs to water/bb filled Tough Bubbles as well as The Hammer Bombs. The rigs ran great through the muddy water.

Just a word of advise. The Owner brand of TwistLOCKS are extremely popular, & a bit on the pricey side. I use the 3/0 size with the 1/16oz lead weight on the hook's shank. If you find some buy a few extra bags.