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Been a while...

I'm still having some trouble signing in...I thought a little hiatus would cure the problem, oh well.

Since my last post, it took me quite a while to do something with the fly equipment. I had a heart attack last September and when I got the all clear from the doc, I decided this was the year to get involved. I found our local Bass Pro was giving free basic casting lessons and took part in it. I enjoyed it so much that I went fishing the next evening and caught my FIRST fish with the fly rod...a 1 1/2" bluegill!!!

Mind you, I'm using flies that I bought over 30 years ago so I didn't know if they would hold up to the pressure of casting, but all is well.

I've been catching up on the stories and pictures. I'll be heading down to one of Missouri's trout parks this Saturday to give it try. Wish me luck.:)


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
Welcome back pickeral63...what problems are you having with the forum? Send a moderator a pm or post what exact problem you are having...I'm sure we can get it figured out.

bass or bass?

Welcome home pickerel. I use a 5 weight fly rod to catch sunfish, as well as my light weight spinning rod, to use for bait for flathead catfish. I also have a 7 weight fly rod for bass fishing.
My best fish on these fly rods are a 5.5 pound largemouth bass on the 7 weight and an 8 pound channel catfish, caught while fishing for sunfish, on the 5 weight.
Good luck this week fly fishing. Keep us posted on how you do. ^!