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Question? Baitcasters for catfish


New member
Does anyone else use the bass baitcasters for catfish? I've found they are a lot of fun to fight channels on and their small and compact so it's easy to pack em and lug em when I'm fishing from shore, And if anyone else does any particular rod and reel combos I should check out?

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bass or bass?

My catfish rigs

I am a member of a catfishing club, ACCA, Arizona Catfish Conservation Association. I use Penn reels almost exclusively.

My channel catfish reels are A Penn Peer 109 and a Bass Pro Shops Mega Cast MCM2000, both have freespool and a clicker mechanism. I spool them with P-Line Voltage copolymer line in 17 pound test. I tie a Carolina style rig using a 3 way swivel and two leaders of 12 pound test Stren mono @ 15" long with 5/0 Gamakatsu Octopus circle hooks
. The reels are mounted on a 6'6" Rhino Kevlar rod, medium heavy, and a 7'6" Rippin' Lips Super Cat , medium, rods.

My Flathead catfish reels are all Penns; a Senator 112 (4/0), Longbeach 65, Peer 309, and a BPS Offshore Angler Gold Cup 30 which is made for BPS by Penn. The rods are two 8' Rippin' Lips Super Cat heavys, A BPS Offshore Angler Oceanmaster 6' heavy, a 7' BPS Offshore Angler Power Plus Trophy Class medium heavy. The reels are spooled with Cabela's Prestige braided Dacron in 80 pound test with 100 pound test vinyl coated braided stainless steel leaders @ 24" with Team Catfish circle hooks in 8/0.

Hope this info is some help to you. You can check out the ACCA website at www.catfishaz.com. Happy Catfishing! :D:D