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Australian Ocean Fizzer


Gold Member
This thing goes to a friend of mine down under . Guess maybe its the biggest lure I ever made to fish with . It measures 14'' from the line tie to the tail tie . Once the fly is attached it goes close to twenty .It has 6 blades total . The main through wire is .090 . Hand blown glass eyes . Hand made clevises . Solid cedar wood . and a 12/0 tied fly hook with eyes . Pull test on a .090 wire attached to a 12/0 hook exceeds 250 lbs . The heck of it is , It is going to cost 60 bucks to ship the freaking thing . The pic sucks but my good cam died and I haven't had time to work with the new one . Have a look as best you can and tell me what you think . Never built an Ocean lure like this before . weighs 2 lbs .



Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
Wow Toad...that is a bigg'n! Looks solid, built like a tank ( no pun intended Tank) :D That thing can probably with stand the hit of a Mako. I read that Mako fishing is becoming very popular using artificials, even fly fishing! Curious to see what a White Shark would do to that.

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Holy Moly...If I had that lure...I could just post a pic of me holding it up...my biggest catch...:D:plol


Gold Member
That thing ought to be hitting the guys mail box Monday . I sure am curious as to what he will say . Soon as he catches something I'll post a pic .