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Alcove Pro Action Cam - 1yr Review Of My Fishing Video Unit!

Provided By Alan Teitel's Company-A 2 Time Emmy Award Winner!

I'm so proud to use the Alcove Pro action cam! I had everything from Yi 4K's to GoPros. I'm still impressed with the Alcove Pro 4K Cine after using some of the top compact action cameras. The majority of my filming is done day & night in rough areas. The way this unit adjust the colors & still provide good audio with the free external mic makes my recording job a lot easier.

Some of the extras include a free extra battery, an underwater case to an external audio microphone. Items not provided by other action cam manufacturers. Doing what i do puts tremendous usage on all my equipment. The stabilization is great. Easy to use touch screen.

So far i've Used the GoPro 5 (handled ok) & &7 (power issues & over-heating). Yi Lite (ok unit) & Yi 4K (colors were a bit off). OnReal (i thought this was ok). Akaso (not really happy with the video quality after 1 day). Contour 3 Roams (a simple point & shoot cam that i liked). Ion (was a back-up/on sale at Walmart for only $20). I spent a lot purchasing these unit. I would say the OnReal was the surprise, i liked it. The Contours i still have as back-ups. The Yi's was ok but not worth the money though the sound system was soo good i never looked at the settings/functions-the sounds told me all i needed to know. The major money trap disappointment was the GoPro 7, too many issues (but the 5 was a better deal & it did it's job) and they caught you on accessories. No accessories needed beyond a micro sd card for the Alcove.

I switch-out my cams to get a feel of the best units for night videos to bright conditions on reflective sand. Recently i've been using the Yi's. They're ok, most i had are. Most. Just the colors of the 4K were too "enhanced". Of every unit i've ever used i still like the Alcove Pro.