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Gallery A Weekend on the River


Whisker didn't want to follow along on this trip, but I twisted his arm and talked him into it. Hope he isn't mad at me, he had to spend his whole weekend sorting fishshrug We caught a ridiculous number of walleyes(100+), a dozen pike, a half-dozen smallmouths. Now my arm is sore from fighting fish, and Whisker keeps twisting it to go fishing again:D

I had clients Sunday, and Whisker was a big help in making the whole trip a success- Thanks Whisker, I really appreciate everything you did to help out!

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for looking!
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Great Photos and looks like you will be having a Fish Fry soon. Congrats on the catches. Good Job both of you Guys. Thanks for sharing the Photos Eric.


New member
Part two....Eric and I did another camping / fishing marathon this week. I took lots of pics but a few multi species will do the job. Eric is still out guiding clients and will probably have some more pics when he gets home! Since he was guiding this week, I took my own boat and ventured off by myself.
Put maybe 15 northerns in the boat.
(for some reason my camera decided to be constipated on this fish)

The smallmouth bite was phenominal,..I quit counting.

A few tastee morsels were caught too!

Eric with a chunky eye. 15-18" limits were "easy" with Eric's custom jigs, in fact most all fish we caught were on his own spinner jig design.

Took a break when I found a pocket of rockies,...caught dozens of them and way too many "nice" sipjacks.

Wind died down and I broke out the bow for some buff shooting. Took down a pile of them just to round out the trip


(*insert education -- largemouth buffalo on left<--->smallmouth buffalo on the right)
It was another "action packed" few days and I left satisfied and tired.
Time to get caught up at home so's I can hit it again
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Thanks for posting the photos. Great Photos !! Looks like you caught a mixed bag of Fish. Congrats !!

bass or bass?

Holy Mackerel, what a load of fish!! :eek: You guys would hate fishing in Arizona! :( Sometimes the white bass/ striped bass can be a big numbers game, and sunfish as well, but that's it for numbers like you showed. Thanks for shareing your catch with us.


I'll try to get some pics added this evening, I need to recover a bit and get some things taken care of first. My "fish" camera showed 66 new pictures when I got back home last night!


I'll try to get a few of last week's pictures up- Not certain on the species here, it looks like a muskie but the biologist says it's probably just an oddly colored northern or even possibly a hybrid pike/grass pickerel


Some of the walleyes we've been catching, couple sauger and perch in there too

Rock Bass




This pike struck at boatside and the whole fight happened right before our eyes

Carl with the best walleye from Sunday

Lorna caught the best walleye Friday


Friday's catch

30 lb buffalo taken bowfishing

We sight-fished for northerns and had pretty good luck

Tyler with another 30# buffalo

The 'eyes were really easy when there were cloudy skies

I released some better fish too!

I did a little nightstalking for bighead carp last week

The sauger love my spin-jigs


This thread seems to have gotten a little off track. Anyone know what THIS is? I caught it yesterday afternoon...

mr bill

looks like lunch to me:D:D

i'd say about a 12lb female northern and will weigh about 9lbs after she is done spawning;)