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Cool 2nd Annual Member Meet in the Books


Executive Administrator/Owner
The 2nd Annual Member Meet is in the Books. I would like to take this time to Thank Chris from Espyville Outdoors for Hosting this event again. We had a Great Time. Thanks Chris !! I would also like to Thank the Sponsors that are listed below. These sponsors were very generous to the Members who attended the Member Meet. I am sure someone will post a photo of the Sponsor Bag and other surprises everyone received. We had a Good turnout and it was GREAT to finally met a few of the Members here. There were a lot of surprises for all who attended and photos coming soon. If anyone who attended has photos Please post them up. Can't wait to see Photos of Fish caught and Photos of the Members using the sponsors products. Thanks.

Espyville Outdoors
American Freshwater Fisherman
Crooked Mouth Tackle Company
Betts Tackle
Blitz Lures
Dynamic Lures
Lake Fork Trophy Lures
Rod Sox
Skeeter Batter
Fishing Fanatic Magazine
Koyote Ugly Spoons
Kayak Angler Magazine
Death Shimmer
Swing Oil Baits
Bassin Magazine
Bass Kandi
Ol Shoot Jigs
Rozier Custom Jigs
Ski's Spinners
Whip em Baits
Thundermist Lures
Fins Braided Line
Rusty Lures
Thomas Lures
Gamma Line
Ammala Sports
PK Lures
Crick Life
Fesslers Sauce
Midwest Fishing Hunting Magazine

Remember as always...Support those that support us here.


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
Now that I'm back home and all settled in, I would like to say a few words. First off, my son and I had an awesome time! I finally got to meet some of the members that I've chatted with over the years, it was nice to put a face with the names. Now, I would like to give a big thanks to Chris from Espyville Outdoors for hosting this meet. The food was plentiful and so were the drinks. A big thanks to Chris's dad Jim for taking my son and I out on his boat and guiding us on Lake Pymatuning, the bite was tough, but he put us on to a nice mixed bag of fish! Also, Dave from Espyville, he always had coffee on bright and early and it seemed like he was always filleting fish! A special thank you to Mustache and his wife for the wonderful gifts for my wife and I and the moderator plaques that his son had started. You sure brought a tear to our eyes. And to the rest of the members, families and friends that attended, it was great meeting all of you. And of course the sponsors that support Outdoor-Fishing...A big thank you! I think I have enough tackle to last a life time! And last but not least...To PaJNS...I can't thank you enough...Finally got to meet the man behind the curtain...Thank you for all the hard work you do, for all the sponsors you get to support Outdoor-Fishing...I can't thank you enough, hopefully I will see you and everyone else next year! To those that couldn't attend...Definitely try to attend next year, the hospitality was second to none, Lake Pymatuning is a top notch fishery, with just about every species of fish, you won't be disappointed!
(pics to be posted soon)


Moderator & Outdoor-Fishing Salt Pro Staffer
Here are some of the lures and goodies from Outdoor-Fishing's sponsors...This is just a small sample...Thanks again!!...Can't wait to use your products!


bass or bass?

Thanks for all the photos! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend. Wish I wasn't 2000 miles away. Glad all who attended had a great time. Happy Fishing!!:D


Bronze Member
Maybe next Year they will come get em some western sunshine. B or B then I could go too! But thanks for the pics guys wish I could have been there! Glad you folks all got back safe too !


Executive Administrator/Owner
Here is a Photo of a Pimped Out Peen reel I received from Moderator Barresi at the meet. Thank YOU can't wait to use this Reel.


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New member
What a great time @ my first meet.

I can?t thank the sponsors, our host (Espyville Outdoors-Chris) and John (PaJNS) enough for setting up such an organized event.

The goodie bags stuffed full of tackle were above and beyond what I expected. I grabbed a few extra sponsors? stickers and will definitely add them to my coolers and boat.

I arrived Friday morning to handshakes, smiles and hello?s then was handed a Sausage, Egg and Home fries breakfast that was unbelievably good!

After breakfast and an hour or two of chit chatting, I took John (PaJNS) out with me fishing and all but fell out of the boat laughing and having a great time. He even caught one of my goofs (Casting and catching nothing but my own trolling motor) on his Go Pro which made for some good laughs back at the meet. Fishing was tough considering we got a late start and it was a bright sunny day with clear blue skies but we did manage a nice Bass (Caught on a sponsors Death Shimmer Spinner bait), quite a few Bluegills and a Walleye in just an hour or two.

Friday Evening?s Dinner was awesome. We had Steak, Chicken and Fresh Atlantic Ocean Striper that Vito (Baressi) brought. Shish Kabobs along with Pasta salad, Veggie salad, a few cocktails along with other misc. snacks ? What could be better!!

I arrived back Saturday after a bass tournament I was in was over to more smiles and reminders of my escapades with catching my trolling motor the day before. Chris was back on the grill and fryers cooking up another delicious dinner of BBQ Chicken, Fresh Pymatuning fish using some of the different batters and sauces donated by the sponsors, Vito (baressi) had brought in authentic Italian meatballs and sauce that he made and wow was it good. I did get to meet quite a few more members Saturday and everyone was all smiles, kids were playing and fishing stories were being told.

A special thanks to Dave for cleaning fish all weekend and "guiding" me through the store on my shopping spree :D

This was an unbelievable event that I will be sure not to miss next year.


I too have to weigh in here. Although I only made it up for one day, what a day it was!

Got treated to a days fishing with JR, and boy did he put me on some fish! He also proved the difference between a pro and myself. But I caught some, missed some and lost a few more. All while watching JR whack 'em on the swimbait.


Here was my big one that I actually landed:


A huge thanks goes out to "Team Espyville". A lot of folks forget that they're not just members, but our most active sponsors. And they sure didn't disappoint. From the place to camp, to the food. The stories to the advice. They showed us once again why they ROCK.

Thanks also goes out to all of the other sponsors. Great stuff from Dynamic Lures, Fork Lake, Blitz Lures, Swimg Oil Baits and so many more that I'll miss more than I'll remember to name. Check out this haul:


Lastly, I have to say a very special thanks to Stache and Michael. A very special gift that moved every one of us moderators. It means a ton to me, and the others as well. These plaques were far from necessary, and although we all know how special the young man was that started this project, few voice just how special his parents are too. Without their guidance and humble foundations, he couldn't have been as special. So THANKS Stache and Michael!!!

Well I know me and my family had an awesome time! We met some really good people, ate some good food (thanks for manning the fryer and grill Chris!) Thank you to Espyville Outdoors as a whole! The hospitality was great, we felt very welcome. Chris had an awesome set up at the shop an always fun hanging out with Dave. Thank you to the sponsors, the gift bags were stuffed full! I already filled my boxes and put the sponsor stickers on my truck haha. Gotta start hammering fish with all the baits an get some pics up! My wife can't wait to cook up some fish with the Skeeter's batter we got. Thanks to Barresi for the awesome meatballs an the kids tackle boxes and net (Sydney's hat) they can't wait to fill them up! Can't wait for next year's meet, we will definitely be camping with y'all, hopefully get to hangout and fish and b.s. longer. Big thanks to John for everything! For all the things he does on here and behind the scenes. And thanks to all the mods who keep it all running smoothly. Nice seeing boss man Pa again and finally got to meet Barresi, fanofthereds, Mustache, SWPABASS, and JR. Good group of dudes for sure. Here are a few pics


bass or bass?

Here is a Photo of a Pimped Out Peen reel I received from Moderator Barresi at the meet. Thank YOU can't wait to use this Reel.

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Nice PaJNS! That's a slick looking reel. ^!

From all the reports and photos, I can see that I missed a terrific event. Sure wish it wasn't so far away! Glad everyone had a fun, safe time!
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New member
So I came to the member's meet with Topwaterking and it was a lot of fun for the short time we were there. Thanks for putting that together it was pretty neat to hangout with other's like us (fishing fanatics). Good food, good people, good times! Thanks PaJNS for all of it really, including the kick ass goodie bag! Espyville chris, it was nice to meet you and your family! I enjoyed hanging out with your wife she's super nice and so is your dad. and thanks for putting up with my kiddos haha they get crazy! My daughter wanted to take your dog home with us! I wished I lived closer so i could go to the shop and talk to Dave more haha he's hilarious. Nice to meet the rest of ya too, Barresi, Fanofthereds(a FB friend of mine), SWPABass, JR, and Mustache! I was very happy I got to meet mustache and his wife. She shared her story about their son with me, even though I cried right there in front of her it was heartwarming and inspiring.
Thanks again for throwing the shindig, can't wait for next year! we should all kick in on a pontoon and fish together

Espyville Outdoors

Gold Member
First, I need to apologize to the Outdoor-Fishing family. At the end of March, I took a full-time job in order to provide medical benefits for my family. That being said, I have not had the time to spend on OF that I was able to in the past. However, that did not stop us from having the second annual Member Meet!!!

I want to thank John, for acquiring all of the "Fish-mas" goodies for the giveaway bags... THANK YOU SPONSORS!!! Without our sponsors an members, OF wouldn't be what it is today! A very special THANK YOU is deserved by Mustache, his wife and their son, Michael. Michael was working on plaques for all the moderators of Outdoor-Fishing before his unfortunate passing. It was all I could do to hold back the tears when my plaque was handed to me (fighting them back right now, as a matter of fact)!!! The plaque will be displayed in the shop, with great pride and pleasure!!!

Thank you to all the other members that attended: Barresi and his son, Damian; xtopwtaerking and family, fanofthereds, SWPABASS and friend, Fishin' Dave, muskiehunter06 and Jerauld Smith...and a couple buddies that stopped by a couple of days.

Great food and great camaraderie were had by all that attended. If you went away hungry, that was your fault!

There may be some changes for next year's meet, but that is all undetermined at this point.


Executive Administrator/Owner
Chris even with the limited time YOU made some GREAT meals and everything was Perfect. Heck I think I gained 5 pounds and that is not good. I am watching my BOYISH figure...LOL It was a GREAT time and time seemed to fly. Always does when you are among good people, eating good food and having good weather. Was my pleasure to finally meet Vito, Damian, SWPABASS, Fanofthereds and CastAwayKay. Also nice seeing Chris, muskiehunter06, Fishin' Dave, Jerauld Smith, Topwaterking and Mustache and his Wife and Kids of the Members. I hope all get a chance to use all the Tackle and Stuff that was donated by Our Sponsors and I hope everyone catches a Lunker with the stuff. I wanna see them PHOTOS and reviews. Heck we even got Sketters Batter and Fesslers Sauce to use when we catch a fish to eat...LOL Plain and simple....OUR SPONSORS ROCK !! Each and everyone has nothing but Quality Tackle and other Great stuff. NO need to shop elsewhere but only visit "Our Sponsors" page and I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

As soon as we discuss and figure out for next year we will post all info. SO here is to the 2nd annual Espyville Outdoors/ Outdoor-Fishing Members Meet. Thank You to all that attended and made it one I will never forget.