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Jerry A
Bubblegum I'm pulling for you! Let me know if I can help. My time on the water doubled in 2014 and I hope to maintain the pace in 2015. I've met new friends, fished new water and even learned one new technique - the shaky head. While my waters may differ from yours I am open to helping in any capacity I can.

A couple of weeks ago a gent approached me for info on Lake Weirs. It was an offer I'd made on this forum some time back. We exchanged emails and I loaded him up with over 200 places where there, once upon a time (2006), was a brushpile - some visibly marked and others not. Point is that if it was a place for structure once upon a time there's a reason for it and if it was a good spot someone has most likely seeded it again since then. Don't know if the gent was a member of our Outdoor-Fishing Forum or not though I hope he is. He should be, right?


Thank you Ftsh2DMax more than anything I think my main problem was not getting to prefish as much as in the past.Places where I have always caught good fish just didn't seem to hold the fish this year.However any suggestions are sure appreciated and will definitely be explored .I even tried the shaky head a little to no avail.If you ever get down this way to fish give me a shout and I will try to help you and you are right the guy you helped should be a of Outdoor Fishing Forum if he is not.

bass or bass?

Well, this year was probably down from last year per number of fish caught. However, I joined ACCA (Arizona Catfish Conservation Association) and went on to become a member of the governing board. We hosted a tournament in October and it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I've met many more people who have been instrumental in helping me develop my catfishing skills. I have also been licensed through ACCA by Arizona Game & Fish to tag catfish and report that information to G&F's data base. So it has been a good fishing year over all. Hoping to catch more and larger fish in '15. ^!

solitario lupo

This year wasnt bad for me. Tried new stuff that really came together for me. Usually catch alot of small fish but not this year went for the bigger 1s and got them.
Hoping next year is the same. Next year will be your year bubblegum. good luck and tight lines.
Also have a happy 2015


Thank you for the words of encouragement solitario lupo I plan on fishing quite a bit more than last year so I am looking forward to hanging into a Hawg or 2. This Louisiana forum has been too quiet so look for more post in the future.