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News 2014 EO/OF Member Meet General Info

Espyville Outdoors

Gold Member
First, I want to thank everyone in advance for supporting the 2nd Annual Espyville Outdoors/Outdoor-Fishing Member Meet!!! Without YOU, the members, we couldn't have a Member Meet!!!

Last year, a good time was had by all of those who attended. Not everyone camped at the shop, but that is perfectly fine. We fished, we ate, we drank...and most importantly, we enjoyed the camaraderie!!! We also learned a few things that we needed to change to make the Meet more enjoyable.

This year, I will ask all the campers to send a determined amount of money to me, via Paypal. This will go to cover food and beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the days everyone will be camping. I believe this is the best way to accommodate everyone that is camping. That way no one has to bring anything from home. I can have everything we will need already here. That amount will be determined by the total number of people coming with you. BUT...if you choose to bring some other food to share, it is perfectly fine! The menu will be kept simple, to be announced at a later date. It will more than likely be the same as last year because everything went over very well!

There will be many threads concerning the Meet. So, if you don't see something that hasn't been discussed...speak up! This Meet is for YOU!!! Those discussions may be moved to their own thread, based on viability.

Also, if there are any special accommodations that are needed...please send me a PM and we can discuss them.

LOCATION - Espyville Outdoors, 1545 State Hwy. 285, Espyville, PA 16424

DATES - June 6-8, 2014...some guys are coming in earlier

ACCOMMODATIONS - Primitive camping behind the shop. Shade trees, canopies, fire pit, etc... Cabins are available to rent from either Pennsylvania or Ohio state parks. There are motels within 15-20 minutes, to the east.
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I can't wait for the Meet, and I will be camping with u for a few days. Make sure you have the weather in check mister!!!