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Rave 2013 Espyville Outdoors / Outdoor-Fishing Member Meet was a success!!!

Espyville Outdoors

Gold Member
I would like to thank all the members and sponsors that participated in the 2013 Espyville Outdoors / Outdoor-Fishing Member Meet!!! Without the members, or sponsors, Outdoor-Fishing wouldn't be what it is today.

The fishing for Thursday and Friday couldn't have been better! WW, Tank and Mo went out on Pymie on Thursday afternoon and slammed some bass. If I remember correctly, Tank caught three personal best species...largemouth, smallmouth and crappie. Numerous other bass, crappie, bluegill and perch were caught, too. Including one perch on a CMTC Kyoban Spinnerbait!!! Some of the other fish were caught on "sponsored" baits, but unfortunately I cannot remember which baits were used.

Friday, Mo went to fish Lake Erie with Espyville Outdoors pro staffer, Jerauld Smith, Jr. All I can say is Mo was ALL SMILES when he got back to camp headquarters!!! They slammed the fish!!! WW and Tank went out on Pymie...and slammed the fish again!!!

Saturday...this fish took a day off!!! The bite was a little tougher. Almost everyone that got out, caught fish...EXCEPT ME!!! Even the boss's wife caught a big bluegill!!!

I want to say that I believe a great time was had by all!!! Good food, good fishing and good camaraderie is all we need. The good fishing was a BONUS!!!

I, personally, would like to thank John (PaJNS) and his wife, Lisa, for all the help they afforded me during the meet. I couldn't have done it all without them. I would also like to thank my dad for watching the shop, so I could hang out with all the members; even WW; for four days.

The sponsors of the meet provided us with AWESOME grab bag and door prize items. The following businesses deserve their own thank you, as well. If I forget one, I do apologize!

  • Adam's Custom Lures
  • American Freshwater Fishermen
  • Bass Kandi
  • Bill Lewis Rat-L Trap
  • Bimbo Skunk
  • Buck Knives
  • Daiichi
  • Death Shimmer
  • Dynamic Lures
  • Fish Grip
  • Fur-Fish-Game
  • Gamma
  • Guy Harvey Magazine
  • Kanan Lures
  • Lockett Lures
  • M&B Jigs
  • Navionics
  • Polystic Glo
  • Reef Runner
  • Rod Glove
  • Rio Products
  • Road Runner
  • Skillet's Shad Spoons
  • Swing Oil Baits
  • Thomas Fishing Lures
  • XFactor Tackle



HUGE thanks to PA & Lisa, Chris at Espyville Outdoors, and ALL the sponsors! ^!
UNREAL time!! what a weekend it was! :cool:

I got lots of pics, I'll try to just post the best...^!
Probably end up 3 posts cause I don't want to test the limits here! shrug :D

Base Camp ~ Friday eve.

And, the kings castle...right down Chain Pickerel drive! :p

Saturday's fishn....lots of action for me, but not much in the way of keepers.
must have got 20 of these lil kittys :eek:

a few sub-legal eyes...dang trash fish! :p <><

I didn't get pics of my slabs or perch, but Justin posted the cooler shot. ^!
Knew I was doin ok cause the boat was gettn bloody! :D

WalleyeJustin on the water ~ just look for the rooster tail!! :eek: lol

And fish tales around the fire.


Then it was back to camp to trade lies...:D...and git sum grub! ^!

Then twas time for Fishmas!! ^! Take it away Santa...:D
Hands on hips...this is serious business!! :p

What a HAUL!! :D HUGE thanks to the sponsors!! ^!


A little more R&R around the fire...

(notice...they even review threads around the fire!!) lol

And the Smore crew....^!

Special post here to ww....prize for travelling the farthest AND his lifetime achievement award from NAFC...
way to clean house Dub!! :p ^!

Great time all the way around!!
Thanks again to all those who made it happen. ^! :cool:


Great Pics everyone. what a blast. it will be hard to top. especially my pink grippers. I may be the only tool on the planet with the Pinkerel grips, but I like em. and to show you how much, I have already put them in action. The fish were smiling at me as the grips approached their mouths.




I'm a changed man Red. something happened when I put the grips in my hand. what's a Pickerel?:confused::confused:


Great pictures everyone! What a great time we all had!!! O-F is the best because of all the fisherfolk who hang out here and the great sponsors who support us. :)

And don't worry fan, dub will be back on those pickerel in no time. He is a pickerel man at heart! ^!


Great pictures everyone! What a great time we all had!!! O-F is the best because of all the fisherfolk who hang out here and the great sponsors who support us. :)

And don't worry fan, dub will be back on those pickerel in no time. He is a pickerel man at heart! ^!
I know Tank! But those pink grips will kill the manly Pickerel with laughter
Sorry I missed it! Was thinking I would be able to cuz leading into that week work was slow. Then of course by that Thurs its been 12-18 hr days an only 2-3 guys working. Figures! I keep showing my wife the pics an vids sayin see what we missed!? Hopefully next time I know by the time I gotta turn in vacation time an then im there no matter what haha